How to Deal with Muscle Pain and Soreness after an Accident

muscle soreness


Road accidents are very common; thus, they are amongst the biggest reasons for injuries. Even if you avoid any serious injury, at the very least, you will end up with some soreness and pain in your muscles.

In an accident, the body tightens its muscles to brace for the crash’s impact. Due to this pressure on muscles, they get stiff and sometimes tear, causing soreness and pain.

The problem here is that muscle soreness is not visible, and it can take a few days for you to start feeling it. If you have been in an accident lately, you must be feeling pain and soreness in your muscles.

Just like you go to a doctor in case of broken bones or open wounds, you need to treat your muscle pain too. If you don’t treat this soon, it can hinder recovery to a great extent and can also become a chronic condition.

6 Ways to Deal with Muscle Pain and Soreness after an Accident

Here are six ways to deal with muscle pain and soreness after an accident…

1. Utilize Home Remedies

Home remedies work well since no harmful chemicals or side effects are involved in things you prepare or do at home. You must use essential oils. These are natural ingredients that have anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. You can apply essential oils to areas of the body where you feel muscle pain or soreness, making your recovery quick and easy.

If you don’t have much knowledge and expertise in essential oils, you can always get some products with essential oils and natural components from a trusted brand. For example, you can get trauma oil with CBD extracts that will heal your muscles’ pain with the help of herbal extracts, essential oils, and soothing emollients.

Other than that, you can use ice packs to help numb pain receptors and reduce swelling. Or you can use heat pads as they reduce spasms of the muscles.

2. Get More Rest

When you feel muscle pain after an accident, taking rest is the most crucial thing to get rid of it. When your muscles feel sore, it indicates that your body needs to rest so muscles can recover.

If you are only doing some intense physical activity like weight lifting, it’s suggested to take a rest day. The same is the case here. Your muscles have been under so much pressure, and now they need rest to recover.

But even though you still need to do activities and move around, just do things gently. For instance, if you feel pain in your shoulder muscles, avoid any high-intensity activities like lifting something over your head. If you have a sore calf muscle, avoid sprinting or rushing up and down the stairs, etc.

The point is not to put extra stress on that sore muscle and give it rest. But keep in mind, this doesn’t mean that you should stop working that muscle at all.

3. Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated has various health benefits, and it’s also a major factor in case of muscle recovery. Drinking enough water helps your body function properly, which involves proper functioning of the muscles too. When muscles are dehydrated, they keep tightening. This leads to more cramps.

When you already have muscle pain, the situation can worsen if you don’t drink enough water. Thus, you will get trapped in a vicious cycle where you feel pain in muscles because of muscle tightening, and due to dehydration, they tighten even more, causing more muscle pain and so on.

Water prevents muscles from tightening further and becoming more painful by softening the cartilage. It aids them in healing rather quickly.

4. Get Massage Therapy

Therapy is one extremely helpful solution to muscle pain. You can get massage therapy to promote the healing process of sore muscles. You can opt for different massage therapy options like stone therapy, general massage, and deep tissue massage. Massage helps you feel relaxed as the muscle tension releases, and you feel better physically and mentally.

Most people opt for deep tissue therapy when they have muscle pain after being in an accident. Due to an accident, you can feel muscle pain that is more intense than normal muscle pain from any other activity. Muscles are deep inside our bodies, so targeting them with deep tissue massage is the most available option.

5. Seek Physical Therapy

This is more like a formal approach, as it’s a great option when you have muscle-related injuries. But even if you don’t have a severe injury, you can still avail this option. Physical therapy is a very effective way to heal muscles and prevent muscle pain from turning into serious muscle injuries. You don’t have to wait for a muscle injury to go to a physical therapist. After an accident or collision, you will feel stiffness and might have a limited range of motion as a result of muscle-related pain.

A physical therapist will treat you in such a case. Even during your healing process, the muscles remain somewhat tight, and it leads to experiencing slight pain when relearning a movement. So, in that case, a physical therapist can guide you well on what low-intensity exercises you should do, how you should do specific movements so that you don’t put a strain on your weak muscles, what is the best exercise option for you, etc. This is a safe and healthy way to treat muscle pain.

6. Stretch

After feeling muscle pain, the general instinct is not to move that muscle to get rid of the pain. Even though there is some truth to it, don’t stop using the muscle completely. Try to do gentle stretching exercises with that muscle. Stretching is effective in treating muscle spasms after an accident. Because stretching helps relieve tension and stiffness in muscles.

You can do light stretches like doing yoga poses, using an exercise ball, stretching on foam rollers, going on a brief walk, gently rolling your neck, etc. These simple activities will help your muscles stretch to just the right amount. Keep in mind to consult your doctor before doing any exercise so that they can suggest what is suitable for you as per your condition. Overstretching might do the opposite of good.


You must feel muscle pain and soreness if you have recently been in an accident. With proper care, you can treat muscle pain. These six ways will help you deal with your muscle pain and get back to being your healthy self. Health is wealth so it’s important to get yourself back on track sooner than later.

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