Jobs in Cannabis Branding and Marketing

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When you think about jobs in the cannabis industry, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

If you are relatively familiar with the world of marijuana, you may have thought of professionals such as delivery drivers, budtenders, and growers.

However, those who work in service-based positions are not the only ones responsible for growing the companies that are dominating the industry.

There are also more technical, business-based positions, such as branding and marketing.

Are you looking for a job in cannabis that would allow you to use your marketing skills and know-how?

If so, here are some ways you can apply your knowledge in this field.

Cannabis Branding

Branding, as it is with any product, is the act of designing the look, feel, and quality of certain products.

Almost anything that you buy or use has a brand attached to it and, while things like logos, slogans, and other advertising tricks play a role, you often come back because of the reputation and quality of a certain brand.

Being able to brand cannabis products means being able to draw attention to the product and keep it there.

Why It’s Important in Cannabis

Since cannabis is a business, it stands to reason that the same type of business operations are needed to support those who are beginning to grow their own weed and create other cannabis-based products.

However, running a business in cannabis presents its own set of challenges. One of the biggest is the lack of resources that a business has in the cannabis industry is the limitations in marketing.

Lack of Advertising Resources

While others have the freedom to advertise whatever services and products they want, those who have a cannabis company may find it hard to actually advertise their services.

This is largely due to the fact that cannabis ads will often be refused due to the stigma associated with smoking as well as some legal limitations that are placed on these kinds of advertisements (which only adds to the wide variety of difficulties that these business owners face as well).

As a result, those who sell cannabis and weed-related products have to rely on their brand and its reputation to carry the product forward. This is why branding is so important when you are beginning to sell these products.

Cannabis Promotion

Getting a brand noticed is at the top of the list of priorities for marijuana business owners.

For those who are well-versed in marketing and branding, this is an opportunity to shine and land a job in your favorite industry.

In order to succeed, however, you are going to have to not only create the brand but help to promote these products. How is this accomplished?

Custom Accessories

Custom accessories are by the far the most effective way to get started in the field. If you have a brand that is growing in popularity, putting your logo and name on simple products can help your products get out there.

For example, doing a tradeshow and passing out free custom image personalized rolling trays with your logo will get your name out there better. Many cannabis enthusiasts use trays to roll up with and this will make sure they see your brand everyday.

This will also make it possible for your audience as well as influencers to show your merch online and encourage others to purchase directly from the source.

However, over time, you may also want to figure out how to customize basic accessories and improve their function so that you fulfill your brand’s desire to differentiate itself from other competitors in the market.

Of course, your choice of marketing strategy will be dependent upon the company that you are working for.

Knowing exactly how to accomplish your goal beforehand, however, may make a great deal during the hiring process.


Although many people think of the service-based position associated with jobs in the marijuana industry, there are a host of business opportunities for those who may be looking for a position where they can provide value within the company.

Given the many challenges that cannabis business can face, marketing is certainly one place where there is an abundance of jobs.

If you are someone who has marketing experience as well as a desire to work within the cannabis industry, this is certainly one opportunity that you may want to consider pursuing on your career path!

Using the article above will give you further insight into what cannabis companies need, what challenges they face, and how you can provide solutions to those needs.

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