Jobs in the Cannabis Industry: A Beginners Guide

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Why do people decide to work in the cannabis industry?

The legalization of marijuana is spreading rapidly all over the world. Entrepreneurs view it as a growing industry and open businesses related to cannabis. Thus, the number of jobs in this field has skyrocketed during the last decade. Nowadays more and more people choose to work in the marijuana industry. What are the main reasons for that?

First of all, as was said above, it’s one of the fastest developing industries in the world. As marijuana is used for medical purposes, there is a boom in production cannabis concentrates and edibles. The cannabis industry is blossoming as researchers discover a lot of medical benefits of weed. Thus, many new labs and shops have been launched recently and this kind of work is in high demand now. So people choose to work in a thriving industry that can provide a high stable income.

The second reason is that the cannabis industry welcomes people with no experience. You can start your career as a bud trimmer or a cashier and work your way up to a highly-paid cultivator or shop manager after some time. Moreover, if you have some experience of working in the lab, you can be quickly promoted to a top position.

One of the most common reasons why people choose to work in the marijuana industry is that they love it. Some of them like smoking weed and consequently have extensive knowledge about it. People tend to work with something they are passionate about, that’s why they may select the cannabis industry. Just check how many brands there are on AskGrowers and how many people involved in the cannabis industry. The number is huge!

The Most Popular Cannabis Careers


Budtender is an entry-level position in the marijuana industry. This role requires developed interpersonal skills and the ability to provide high-quality customer service. You must be ready to help people find the product they need. If you want to have better chances to get this job, you could undergo a special dispensary training. Although you will not get a high salary at this position, you can be given a higher position in this fast-growing industry soon.


It is also one of the entry-level marijuana jobs that are not difficult to get. You’ll work at the cultivation site and your responsibility will be to trim marijuana leaves and remove buds to prepare them for sale. This position can be a great start if you would like to become a master grower or to get a higher position in the cultivation area.

Dispensary Manager

If you have experience in management and want your work to be related to the cannabis industry, it is a great role for you. As a dispensary manager, you will deal with law enforcement,  inspectors, and the staff of a dispensary. Having more responsibilities means that your salary will be much higher compared to entry-level positions.


It’s one of the best jobs in the cannabis industry that is also considered to be highly competitive. An extractor is a person who makes cannabis concentrates and products with the help of various chemical processes. This position requires a highly trained person with special skills. You may even be asked for a Chemistry degree to obtain this job.

Master Grower

This is one of the most highly paid weed growers jobs which requires a degree in horticulture. This role needs some years of growing experience as this position requires a lot of responsibility. Master growers manage a team of cannabis growers and interact with legal authorities.

The Highest-paying Positions in the Cannabis Industry

There are a few fields related to cannabis where you can get a high-paid job.

To begin with, let’s consider cultivation. The average rates of weed cultivation jobs are the following: a director of cultivation can earn from $59.000 to $118.000 a year, while a growing manager makes between $43.400 and $93.000.

If your position is related to the extraction, you may earn $51.000 – $96.000 as an extraction manager and $75.000 – $119.00 if you work as a director of the extraction, whereas chemists get nearly $51.600 – $81.500.

Manufacturing jobs involve a production supervisor who may earn $44.000 – $77.000 and edibles specialist whose salary is between $35.000 and $63.000.

If you choose a role in retail, you can make $35.000 – $90.000 as a manager and approximately $76.000 – $124.000 as a director of retail.

How to get a marijuana-related job?

Before searching for a job in the cannabis industry, you need to define your skills first. Think of what you can offer a cannabis company and which of your skills can be used there.

Go online to research the companies that have open job positions and find those at which you would like to work.

If you are looking for a job in Europe, visit that offers a lot of vacancies for people who desire to work at a marijuana-related company. Cannabis legal jobs can be also found at sites like ours or if you live in the USA.

After you have found the right company, write a CV with an authentic cover letter to introduce yourself and explain why you are a good fit for a certain role. Describe your strong points and skills that match the position you’ve chosen.

Networking with people from the cannabis industry can also be helpful in finding a job. You can do it by visiting marijuana events, like expositions and so on.

Also, if you start a blog to showcase your skills and knowledge, it can increase your visibility for recruiters. If you don’t get job proposals at once, don’t give up! You should be persistent and keep looking for opportunities because working in such a fast-growing industry is worth much effort.

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