Kratom Dosage Guidelines: Here’s What You Need to Know



Like cannabis, Kratom use has seen a major increase in recent years thanks to its numerous medicinal properties. It is gaining traction as a holistic alternative to prescription medications.

But since a governing body does not currently regulate Kratom, it’s very important to get authentic information before you embark on your Kratom journey.

If you are aware of Kratom and have decided it’s time to try it, the next obvious question that comes to your mind is – What will be the correct dosage?

This obvious question above is simple, yet it has a long and complex answer. The dosage of Kratom varies from one individual to another.

Here’s what you need to know about Kratom dosage…

What’s the Appropriate Dosage of Kratom?

Individuals who are more sensitive or want energizing benefits of Kratom take a low dose. People looking for pain relief generally opt for high dosage. Whatever be the case, one does not opt for a heavy dose.

Typically, the dosage of quality Thai Kratom ranges between 2 to 12 grams.

  • Any amount of dosage less than 2 grams is referred to as a microdose.
  • Amount ranging between 2 to 6 grams is a low dose.
  • Any amount more than 6 grams is marked as a high dose.
  • Heavy dose means more than 8 grams of Kratom.

Why is the Dosage of Kratom so Important?

Kratom is a natural yet potent substance. Heavy consumption of Kratom can lead to several harmful effects on your body. Even a low dose of Kratom can negatively affect some people.

When you are using Kratom for the first time, it’s best to start with a lower dosage than you think you’ll need and gradually increase it with each consecutive dose until you get the desired set of effects.

However, you must note, the dosage will vary from individual to individual. But, in no case should you opt for a heavy dosage. To build some tolerance against Kratom, the user have to consume it regularly.

Unfortunately, many people are struggling with suitable kratom dosage, as well as its addiction. To avoid all these problems, you must have to get the correct dosage.

The correct dosage will not only keep aside the adverse effects, but you will also get the full benefits of this natural substance.

Different Kratom Dosage Types

In general, Kratom has been categorized into two doses:

  • Firstly, Stimulating kratom doses that will involve lower dosages of around 0.025 grams/pound of bodyweight.
  • Secondly, sedative or painkilling kratom doses will affect a higher dosage of about 0.04 grams/pound of bodyweight.

The optimal dose of Kratom depends on three key factors:

  • The size and the weight of the individual.
  • The primary effects, whether stimulating or relaxing, that individual is looking to get from the Kratom.
  • How often does the individual use Kratom? It will tell you about the level of tolerance.

Besides these three main factors, few others can further change how a given dose of Kratom will affect the individual. These factors include metabolic rate, the strain of Kratom, and whether you’ve eaten or not before the dose.

Kratom Dosage For Depression

All doses of Kratom can improve mood and depression as they have euphoric effects. While some individuals find the stimulating effects further enhance depression and mood, while others like the sedative or relaxing qualities.

The three standard Kratom dosages for managing symptoms of depression are 1-2 grams for mild depression, 2-4 grams for moderate depression, and finally 4-6 grams for severe depression after seeking medical advice.

Bali and Borneo strains of Kratom are most popular for managing depression, whereas Maeng Da, Thai and Malay strains are popular for stimulating and energetic effects.

Kratom Dosage For Pain Relief

Although Kratom can be useful for managing pain at all dosages, the strongest pain relief comes from the higher dosages.

The strains with the maximum alkaloids 7-Hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine bind to the delta, kappa, and mu-opioid receptors to suppress pain sensitivity.

The three common Kratom dosages for pain relief are 2-4 grams for mild pain, 3-5 grams for moderate pain, and finally 5 grams of severe pain after seeking medical advice.

Kratom Dosage For Focus and Energy

Kratom can be great for sharpening focus and boosting energy. The ideal dosage for the focus-enhancement benefits is very much lower than the dosages used for sleep or pain.

Most individuals find that a small 2–4 gram dose is more than enough to enhance cognition and memory. Some individuals use microdoses of just 1 gram of raw Kratom powder for enhancing focus, creativity, and mental endurance.

One needs to be cautious not to take too much Kratom. If the user accidentally takes too much, it will have an opposite effect and make it harder to remain focused.

The white-veined Kratom is regarded as the best option when it comes to energy and focus. Lower doses of Kratom elicits feelings of talkativeness, euphoria, and an overall pleasant mood, minus the harmful effects of alcohol.

Kratom Dosage For Anxiety

Kratom is famous for supporting physical and mental symptoms of anxiety. The effective dose for one person can be very different from the effective dose for another.

Higher doses of Kratom can manage anxiety. The lower dosage can be too stimulating and can lead to an elevation in anxiety symptoms instead of reducing them.

Additionally, taking too much can also increase anxiety as a result of the side effects. Consequently, it is crucial to get the correct dose when it comes to managing anxiety.

All in all, the most common dose for anxiety is about 3 – 4 grams of Kratom powder.


The dose of Kratom has a major impact on the experience itself. If you take a little, you’ll feel like you’ve just had two cups of coffee. If you take a lot, you’ll feel lazy and sedated. You’ll feel dizzy and nauseous if you take too much. The user must keep in mind that their experience may differ as many variables can affect how a particular dosage of Kratom feels from one person to another.

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