Marijuana Sales Rep Jobs: A Cannabis Sellers Market

marijuana sales rep jobs

Cannabis legalization is gathering steam with several states passing recreational and medical laws in the last presidential election. As the consumer driven sales industry increases production of cannabis flower and other products, marijuana sales rep jobs are appearing in cities and smaller municipalities in newly legal cannabusinesses.

Sales reps are responsible for presenting their company’s products directly to consumers, as well as approaching owners and managers of cannabis dispensaries to buy their products.

What Do Marijuana Sales Reps Do?

Sales representatives working for processing companies and grow operations are responsible for winning over clients and customers, convincing them that their company’s products are necessary for the client’s business to advance professionally. Cannabis dispensaries are visited by sales representatives from edibles and concentrate companies, as well as farms and indoor grow operations looking to set up new accounts with dispensaries.

Since so many people are trying to get involved in the industry, it takes a skilled sales rep to follow through with a successful pitch, sale and business relationship. Aside from being gifted salespeople and communicators, marijuana sales rep jobs require applicants who are well-versed in the world of weed and can confidently speak on the matter.

Largely, marijuana sales rep jobs demand that employees know cannabis culture, state and federal law and their products like the back of their hand.

Important Responsibilities

The legal cannabis industry is a bit like the wild west at present with more and more companies and grow operations competing to be featured by the growing number of local pot shops. Especially since state and federal mandates forbid processors from interstate distribution, it is evermore important that sales reps be able to “obtain and generate leads” correctly on their first try.

Marijuana sales rep jobs involve creating and maintaining business relationships and creating a greater network of industry clients. Sales representatives are on the front lines of advertising their company’s brand, requiring employees to be competent working with others, as well as acting solo. Depending on the nature of the job, sales reps are compensated with hourly wages, yearly salaries and/or commision based on sales.

In fact, some marijuana sales rep jobs only pay commission, incentivizing employees to do their best to successfully follow through with every sale. Companies want to make sure that dispensaries are constantly replenishing their inventory and bringing in maximum revenue.

Marijuana Sales Rep Jobs = Modeling?

In addition to acting as a liaison between two or more businesses, sales reps also work marijuana modeling jobs as promotional models for stores and trade shows. In this setting, sales reps must tailor their pitches to individual settings and customers.

As the cannabusiness is rebranded under a more modern, credible microscope, promotional models employ cannabis culture tropes in concert with professional sales pitches and comfortable rapports with customers.

Promotional modeling can be viewed as one of the more entry level marijuana jobs for sales reps as it doesn’t involve setting up accounts; rather, it focuses on increasing brand awareness and selling products directly to consumers like a budtender would.

Marijuana Sales Rep Job Qualifications

Finding marijuana sales rep jobs for entry level and managerial work calls for job candidates with previous sales experience and have a proven history of dependability and an ability to consistently meet deadlines.

As mentioned above, marijuana sales rep jobs need employees with a strong ability to communicate across platforms. Not only must sales reps be proficient in-person speakers, they must also be able to complete B2B (business to business) sales remotely over the phone, via email or another forum.

Associated Careers: Dispensary Sales

Cannabis is a consumer driven industry, one that requires vigorous advertising efforts to bring it further into general consciousness. While marijuana sales rep jobs create synergy between cannabis processors and dispensaries, budtenders, receptionists and other consumer sales jobs have consistent hourly wages/salaries and don’t come with the statewide travel obligations that some sales rep jobs may require.

Dispensary Receptionist

Receptionists at cannabis dispensaries undertake some of the same responsibilities as sales reps, including communicating with customers and business connections, as well as processing and organizing identification and customer data.

The daily tasks of a receptionist vary depending on the store’s staffing needs and workflow requirements.


Budtenders are the main sales associates that carry out the process of getting legal cannabis products into the hands of customers. Budtending, like marijuana sales rep jobs, places a lot of responsibility on the shoulders of the server to push products and sell as many products as they can.

Budtenders are obliged to know everything there is to know about cannabis products, recommending strains and dosages to suit individual customers. Although budtenders are paid hourly wages, some dispensaries allow for budtenders to be tipped for good service.

Associated Careers: Marketing

Another cannabis industry position that is similar to marijuana sales rep jobs is marketing for cannabis dispensaries and other business. Industry-specific marketing firms and independent contractors utilize similar skills to sales reps to bring in business to companies that need help with advertising.

Marketers don’t have to concern themselves with facilitating each individual product sale, but they do have to keep in mind the potential outcomes of their marketing strategy.

Marijuana Sales Rep Jobs: The Future

As a greater number of licenses are awarded to cannabis dispensaries and production facilities for concentrates and marijuana edibles, marijuana sales rep jobs are likely to continue growing alongside comprehensive legalization.

Although sales reps aren’t the most highly compensated members of the cannabusiness, the job offers the potential for forming connections in the industry, being promoted to advanced positions in sales and accounting for businesses.

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