The 7 best strains for Leo season


Every zodiac-following pothead knows that you don’t need to be a Leo to enjoy Leo season — especially if you’re a stoner.

Leo season spans July 22 to August 22, and the most attractive qualities associated with this summer-identified fire sign are creativity, warmth, gregariousness, and courage. In fact, of all the signs of the zodiac, Leos tend to be one of the most charming.

Leo season also marks the peak of summer in the northern hemisphere, and warm weather frolicking almost always benefits from a bit of cannabis. You could say it stands to reason that a curated list of strains with effects similar to those that define the Leo zodiac should be at the top of the stash box shopping list whenever the creativity and euphoria of a summer day are required — at least until Virgo season rolls around.

Whatever your sun, moon, or rising signs, each of the seven listed cultivars has the potential to deliver pure Leo vibes, so embrace your inner fire sign and spark up.

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Afternoon Delight

This hybrid of Banana, Schrom, and Tangie reportedly delivers swoon-worthy euphoria and bright, creative focus. Consumers also report soft, relaxing energy that can quickly pivot to couch-lock depending on the scene.

The genetics of Afternoon Delight can lend themselves well to uplifting qualities and soothing mental attributes. For those looking to tap into the easy joy of Leo season, pick up this strain.

Expect a fruity, nutty exhale with a lingering pine aftertaste and a super pungent, gassy aroma.

Confidential Cheese

Confidential Cheese is an evenly balanced hybrid of L.A. Confidential and Exodus Cheese. It has measured sativa and indica genetics that can deliver a mood boost and an elastic body buzz that is simultaneously stimulating and soothing.

Leo is a notably dynamic and social zodiac sign, and consumers report this particular amalgamation of effects of Confidential Cheese makes for great socialization fuel. Expect a tart, sweet, creamy mouthfeel and a funky, deliciously putrid nose.


Firecracker is a rare hybrid completely suitable for Leo royalty — or anyone who favors an opulent, ultra-relaxing high.

Firecracker is a phenotype of Wille D that can be effective at calming anxiety and restlessness without delivering a tremendously stoney head high. Therapeutic consumers report this cultivar as an effective option for chronic pain, but be warned, too much too fast can result in classic stoner paranoia. Puff slowly until you find your sweet spot.

Expect a tart, woody exhale and a fermented fragrance reminiscent of red wine.

Lodi Dodi

Another rare hybrid fit for Leo Season is Lodi Dodi, a sativa cross with seriously mysterious genetics. Thought to be a hybrid of GG#4 and Mt Rainier, this cultivar has been known to potentially deliver uplifting and energizing highs.

According to the zodiac, those born under the sign of Leo can be remarkably magnetic and creative, and Lodi Dodi reportedly delivers effects that speak directly to that Leo archetype: mood elevation, creative inspiration, and cerebral stimulation.

Expect the pungent tang of funky fruit with top notes of honey and lemon and a velvety, skunky exhale.

Rare Dankness

For those who relate more to the composed elements of the Leo sign — like clear-headed confidence and relaxed poise — Rare Dankness might be the chilled-out cultivar with which to explore your calmer, lion-like attributes.

Rare Dankness is the result of four generations of breeding, starting with a cross of the original Rare Dankness and Ghost OG, which was then double-crossed with Triangle Kush. The resulting flower is a reportedly sedative hybrid that can deliver cashmere body highs, calm head highs, and deep restorative sleep.

Expect an earthy, peppery perfume and a delicate berry-sweet exhale.

Velvet Bud

Velvet Bud can be an energizing, euphoric cultivar bred from a cross of Dutch Treat and Blueberry. This hybrid’s genetics borrow from the best of each parent strain, potentially delivering a blissful body buzz and long-lasting head high that many report as a quiet confidence booster. For cannaisseurs looking to revel in the dynamic, fiery qualities of Leo season all year long, Velvet Bud is a good cultivar to stock up.

Expect a floral, berry sweet aroma and a commensurately herbal-sweet exhale.

Platinum Blue Dream

Platinum Blue Dream is a mostly balanced hybrid of two distinctively potent parent strains: Blueberry Kush and Haze. The resulting flower is a harmonious marriage of both effervescent energy and syrupy-sweet relaxation.

Consumers often report heavy, tingling body highs and tranquil head highs that are excellent for end-of-day use. Cannathusiasts shopping for a sumptuous effect rather than a bouncy buzz might consider this cultivar for their Leo season stoner effigies.

Expect an herbal, flowery perfume and a spicy, fruity exhale.

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