The cannabis products Olympian Gus Kenworthy can’t live without


Olympian skier turned actor and YouTuber, Essex-born Gus Kenworthy came out publicly on ESPN in 2015. Since then, he’s been advocating for LGBTQ+ acceptance and the importance of representation for people of all ages. “[It’s important] especially now for a lot of youth,” Kenworthy told Weedmaps, “in Florida and Texas, in places where they’re trying to propose Don’t Say Gay bills and where trans youth are being discriminated against. It’s more important than ever to be visible because we — as an older generation — are the visual representation for a younger generation. Each and every out person that a young queer person sees living their life freely and unabashedly makes it easier for them to do the same.”

This year, Kenworthy teamed up with the infused seltzer brand Cann and Weedmaps to foster inclusivity in cannabis and champion the LGBTQ+ community for Pride. “To me, Pride is about acknowledging where you are on your own journey and how far you’ve come,” he shared. “It’s a struggle to come to terms with yourself and live your truth. And it’s also a moment to not only reflect on your past, but on the past journey of people who came before you. We wouldn’t be where we are without all the trailblazers that came up in a much more condemning time in history.” 

And though he’s had to keep a strict eye on his cannabis use during training and competing, he’s been a fan of the green for years. “I like smoking weed and I also love Cann as an alcohol substitute,” he said. “But when I started competing on the US team for the Olympics, we got drug tested regularly. However, when it was out of season, I could smoke weed, so during the summers I would get to enjoy it before having to stop in the fall and winter.”

Here are the cannabis products Gus Kenworthy can’t live without. 


“I love the Hi Boys, and my favorite Cann flavors are the ginger lemongrass and the blood orange cardamom.”

Cann Hi Boys come in four unique flavors and contain 5 milligrams of THC per can. 

Lowell Farms flower

“I would give a shout out to Lowell Farms — I like the weed and those guys are cool.”

Lowell Farms offers flower and concentrates. The brand’s products are available in California.

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