Tips to Find a Dispensary Near You

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Finding a good, reliable dispensary is the best way to keep yourself supplied with everything weed-related that you might need. From cannabis itself to accessories and paraphernalia, and related products like CBD. If you’re new to an area, it can take a while to find the ideal dispensary in your vicinity. Here are some tips to get you started – hopefully these will help you minimize the friction along the way.

Make Sure to Only Work with Legal, Licensed Dispensaries

Even if you live in a legal state, it’s possible to run into unlicensed dispensaries if you’re not careful. It’s surprising to see that they are able to survive for more than a few months, but it’s a sad reality in some places. Needless to say, you should stay away from any place without a proper license

On one hand, you can’t verify what they’re selling, and you risk buying something low-grade that will negatively impact your health. On the other, you risk running into problems with the law yourself. You don’t want to get mixed up in this kind of operation, even as a customer.

What Dispensaries Sell the Most?

Pay attention to customer traffic if you can find any information on that topic. Like with many other types of stores, you can tell a lot about a dispensary by the number of people that go through it on a random day. Of course, this is not a universal rule. A certain dispensary might not be getting a lot of attention simply because it’s still new, for example.

But in any case, you should do your best to stick to established places with a proven track record if you’ve never shopped around before. Once a new dispensary has stabilized its position on the market, you should definitely give it a try as well.

What’s the Best Resource to Find a Comprehensive List of Dispensaries?

The internet is an obvious answer to this one – and sites like TWS can make it really easy to search through the dispensaries in your area and find the ideal one for your needs. Don’t limit yourself to that though. Try to go out and talk to people, see where they’re shopping and what their preferences are.

You never know when you might run into a place that’s completely unknown in the traditional marketing sense but can fulfill your requirements just as well as the most popular ones. All it takes is getting the right hint from the right person.

This might take a while, especially if you’re pickier about the products you’re buying and other factors like price and customer service. But in the end, you should only have to do this once.

The Takeaway

Looking for the ideal dispensary? Try the tips in this guide! As soon as you’ve found the ideal dispensary for your needs, you will be able to enjoy it for a long time. Of course, this assumes that the place doesn’t randomly close one day. But even then, you should have gained enough experience with the local scene to know how to find a suitable replacement quickly enough.

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