Why Are Cannabis Seeds Trending?

cannabis seeds


More people have started to consume Cannabis Seeds for their nutritional value. As a superfood, cannabis seeds offer a wide range of health benefits. And although these seeds are from cannabis plants, they do not produce psychoactive effects.

The market for cannabis seeds is growing with each passing day, making more and more brands sell them. According to a recent analysis, the cannabis seed market will grow to a whopping $4.6 billion by 2028.

Like pumpkin and other popular seeds, the wide range of health benefits offered by cannabis seeds is drawing in a larger consumer base. And although the research on consuming cannabis seeds is minimal, preliminaries indicate they are beneficial.

This blog will help you better understand the reason behind the popularity of cannabis seeds. We will also take you through several health-related benefits of cannabis seeds.

What Are Cannabis Seeds?

Like all the flowering plants, cannabis also produces seeds that store all genetic information necessary for growth and reproduction. Cannabis seeds are ready to germinate once the root pops out from the shell.

People who want to grow cannabis at home go for feminized seeds so that the plant that grows out of it is a flowering one. These seeds are oval and about equal to the size of peppercorns. Female cannabis plants produce these seeds. A current survey looked into its market and found out that it had enormously grown in the last few years.

Innumerable people consume these seeds raw in their diet and claim that it has health benefits. You may have it daily if you are suffering from digestion issues. The majority of the products made from cannabis seeds are from Canada and Europe. Don’t be tense that these seeds might overwhelm you if you consume them raw. Instead, they might help you become healthy. You can enjoy them either all alone or with foods like oatmeal.

Why Are Cannabis Seeds So Popular?

Below are some excellent reasons that account for the increasing popularity of cannabis seeds:

1. High In Protein

Vegetarians strive hard to find a food item that could satisfy the protein needs of their bodies, and hence cannabis seeds might help them out. Surprisingly, the amount of protein obtained from them is equal to that obtained from meat. Also, it might help you get an ample amount of amino acids for your body to function better. Protein is critical for repairing damaged cells and also producing new ones. With proper protein supply, your body can strengthen muscles. The protein you get from it is more easily digested than that available in nuts. You can get 11-12 grams of proteins from just 3 tablespoons of cannabis seeds. Hence this might be a good choice for vegetarians to get high protein.

2. Might Help With Cardiovascular Health

One of the reasons leading to most deaths across the globe is cardiovascular issues. Thankfully cannabis seeds might help you with heart diseases. They are a storehouse of amino acids responsible for healthy heart functioning. Arginine is an essential amino acid that ensures healthy blood flow throughout the body, ensuring no risk of cardiovascular diseases. Also, they may provide nitric oxide that relaxes muscles helping blood flow without restriction. Research conducted also states that omega-3 fatty acids found in these seeds may reduce the chances of heart failure. Hence a handful of these seeds might be a better way to keep your heart healthy.

3. Beneficial For Skin

These days, everyone faces significant skin issues, which might occur due to a weak immune system. Eczema, cold sore, acne, pimples, melanoma, and psoriasis are common skin conditions that trouble many people around the globe. Omega-3 and omega-6 are compounds responsible for making a healthy immune system, and cannabis seeds can provide you with both. When you compare these seeds with other plant-based proteins, they stand out as they have an optimal range of fatty acids. Research indicates that it might help people trying to cure dermatitis.

4. Might Help You Lose Weight

Weight management is a vital concern for many people. Cannabis seeds may be a perfect choice for people trying to lose weight as they could promote faster and better weight loss. Also, you may consume them as a weight-loss supplement. You can either have them in pre or post-workout sessions. Also, you can have them on a regular or alternate basis. It would barely affect the taste of food when added to it, and hence you can make it part of your food too. Also, for people who eat less, cannabis seeds may make them feel charged throughout the day. And not only this, but these seeds may make your food more tasty and enjoyable.

5. Provides Beneficial Vitamins And Minerals

Cannabis seeds have an excellent nutritional profile, making them ideal for your daily diet. It is rich in minerals needed by your body, such as zinc, iron, potassium, and magnesium. These minerals will look after the working of your body parts, ensuring they function as they need to. Also, these seeds may make your bones strong and help with better communication of nerve impulses. The vitamins that you can get upon consumption of these seeds are vitamins A, B, and E. These minerals are crucial for brain function, the health of blood cells, and the breakdown of cells.


Cannabis seeds might be worth the hype and be one of the best ways to get the health benefits offered by cannabis without the “high” or sedative effects typical of cannabis consumption.

You can consume these seeds with or without shells. You can find the bulk of these seeds affordably at many food and grocery stores. These seeds might also help you change your body for the better. Hence, cannabis seeds may be a healthy addition to your diet.

Modern civilization finds itself requiring products that are safer and healthier. The pandemic played a crucial role in realizing the necessity of personal health. With time, their popularity will only grow, increasing their sales.

Experts already expect the market to increase exponentially in the coming years. Many countries are now allocating more and more resources to research recreational cannabis based products.

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