6 Tips To Manage Daily Cannabis Dosage

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Weed culture is growing and absorbing more and more people every day. Be it for recreational purposes or medicinal uses, everyone has their reason to consume this herb. Besides, its consumption is not anymore limited to only smoking the herb.

Nowadays, cannabis is available in various forms for consumption, such as gummies, creams, oils, etc. As a user, you can select from the form that appeals to you the most. With that said, there is another essential thing you need to work out to enjoy cannabis, and that one thing is its dose.

Cannabis dosage plays a deciding role as it influences the benefits and adverse effects of the herb. Moreover, it exhibits versatile effects. You can enjoy cannabis to the fullest when you are familiar with the critical features of cannabis dosing.

Nowadays, recreational marijuana is either legal or decriminalized in many nations like the US, Canada, etc. You can simply buy cannabis from an online dispensary Canada or at your local marijuana dispensary.

The different forms of cannabis, like gummies, tablets, or ice creams, greatly vary in their ingredients and dosage. If you plan on taking any of them but trying to figure out the dosage, you have reached the right place. Here are six tips for managing daily cannabis dosage:

#1. Know the Molecules Responsible for the Effects of Cannabis

Marijuana is loaded with two main biologically active molecules, named cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

a. Cannabidiol (CBD)

This molecule is attracting many because of its wide range of positive physical and mental health benefits. Cannabidiol can alleviate symptoms of many health conditions like chronic pain, anxiety, and depression. It is non-psychoactive, which means it does not induce typical euphoric effects.

b. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)

This molecule is mainly responsible for the typical ‘high’ of marijuana. THC binds with different receptors of the brain and induces euphoria.

#2. Learn the Combined Effects of CBD and THC

Although CBD and THC exhibit their mechanism of action, both of these molecules intersect each other’s therapeutic effects, which mainly include pain relief, anxiety, and even nausea. Many times, combining CBD and THC enhances their impact on your body and reduces undesirable effects like impairing effects of THC.

#3. Decide the Route of Administration

Cannabis is available in different forms so that you can determine the route of administration of your choice. If you want to try some new way other than the traditional joint, consume them in the following three methods:

a.  Sublingual and buccal products:

You can consume them by placing them either under the tongue or in the space between gums and cheeks. They take a little time of 10-30 minutes to show their effects.

b. Inhaled via vape

You can inhale cannabis in the form of fumes produced by a vape. Vaping is  the fastest way to induce the effects of best cannabis seeds in 2020 as it takes just 5-10 minutes to show its results.

c. Orally swallowed products

They came in the forms of capsules, gummies of lozenges, which you can swallow. As they have to pass through your digestive system, they take a long time of 1-3 hours to show their effects.

Determining the administration route is crucial to enjoying the benefits of cannabis as the route positively influences its effects. The time taken by each route will help you to decide the dosage of cannabis. Experts suggest that people consuming cannabis for medical benefits should start with oral preparation, like gummies or tablets.

#4. Determine Your Dosing Strategy

Many cannabis consumers claim that when they gradually increase the dosage, they experience more substantial results. However, they also say that while increasing the dose, they strike to a point where dosage increase results in weaker therapeutic effects. Many cannabis consumers experience undesirable effects after continuing to increase the dose.

Cannabis exhibits biphasic effects, meaning the increasing dosage of cannabis results in decreased effectiveness and increased side effects. Experts recommend adopting the ‘start low, go slow, and stay low’ approach to avoid the undesirable effects of marijuana. You can start with 1-2 milligrams and then gradually increase your need. While increasing the quantity, you have to keep a check on the side-effects.

#5. Keep Check of Your Cannabis Tolerance

You must keep track of the degree of cannabis tolerance you are experiencing (if any) to determine the optimal dosage. People with an established history of cannabis consumption may exhibit tolerance towards the effects of marijuana, and thus, they may need a slightly higher dosage to experience the therapeutic benefits. On the other hand, people with negligible exposure to cannabis can expect minimal tolerance and exhibit therapeutic effects of marijuana at lower doses.

#6. Understand the Therapeutic Window of Cannabis

The therapeutic window is the range between the smallest dose showing effects of the cannabis and the highest dose that exhibits intolerable side effects. Generally, regular cannabis consumers possess a wider therapeutic window, whereas people with little cannabis experience have a narrow window. The reason behind this difference is the fact that various users develop tolerance to cannabis at unique rates. Many times they develop tolerance to the undesirable effects faster than the desirable effects of cannabis.

Final Thoughts

A cannabis dose plays a crucial role in determining its therapeutic effects. You have to be careful about the unwanted effects of marijuana, especially when you plan to consume it daily.

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