Top 5 Interesting Trends Followed By The Youth

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All the trends that are being followed in the world are mostly being followed by the youth. They follow these trends like disciples of a God. These trends are not of a similar nature but can be anything. From clothing styles to hairstyles to food these trends can be formed of almost anything. Let’s get down to it and discuss the various trends being followed by the youth in today’s date.


You must have noticed some kids in playgrounds enacting random short skits and doing just about anything while facing the camera. They aren’t going mad but are actually following one of the hottest trends these days of making Tik-Tok videos or Instagram reels. These are basically short videos that are uploaded on various social media platforms. A lot of youths try to get famous by getting millions of followers on these apps.

PUBG/Call of Duty/Fifa

Fifa is probably a video game trend that will not die easy. The craze for such games is worldwide and the youth all over are crazy for the game. There are various tournaments being held all over the globe for games like Fifa, Call of Duty and PUBG. CoD and PUBG are games that have been recently introduced on mobile phones and are taking the world by storm.


The clouds of smoke billowing from the kids on the streets would probably be from vapes and not from cigarettes. A lot of vapes in the market come with multiple flavors, choice of THC content and many more. A lot of avid smokers rave about Yocan Falcon – Mind Vapes and the options of flavors available there. These vapes were earlier referred to as electronic cigarettes but since the trend started the word ‘vaping’ has simply overtaken the word ‘smoking’.


A very surprising and productive trend that has been growing for a while is yoga. It has boomed in the recent lockdowns due to the coronavirus. The boom was witnessed because people who had been confined to their homes due to the lockdown could no longer go to the gym or even out on the streets for a walk. The only way to exercise for most people who did not have a gym at their house was to start doing yoga. The people were slowly becoming aware of the various benefits due to yoga and started practicing it at home.

Avoiding Junk Food

Believe it or not, there is a trend going around the world which is slowly making people aware of the health benefits of simply avoiding junk food. Healthy eating took center stage right after the lockdowns of Coronavirus, just like yoga. The various healthy dining restaurants that were opened are a tribute to this trend. This is another productive thing that is followed by the masses.

The Lowdown

Trends are basically known to be very unproductive but these recent ones have surprised everyone. This time it is not only the youth but the elders of the society as well who are following them. The scope of these trends is so wide mainly because of the reach of social media which extends its influence to everyone including children and adults.

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