Five Popular Ways To Smoke Cannabis

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If you are just getting started with cannabis smoking, you will be surprised to know that you have several choices.

There is a wide array of devices you can explore, and each provides a different experience and involves the use of a different technique.

While you may want to try them all, it makes sense to know more about each so that you can pick them one by one.

Although you may have some apprehensions about the effects of smoking, some methods and devices are safer than the others because they are relatively smoke-free.

Let us explain the most popular ways of smoking cannabis in detail.

Water pipes

Water pipes are available in diverse variations, such as bongs and bubblers. You have a range of sizes, styles, and designs to explore, depending on your preferences and skill levels. These devices are safer from a health perspective because water cools the smoke, making it less harmful for your lungs. So they definitely deserve a try for smokers who prioritize health.

Hand pipes

Hand pipes are perhaps the most common device preferred by beginners and seasoned users because of the portability and convenience they offer. Moreover, they are simple to handle and use, so even first-timers can get comfortable with them right away. You can find them in creative forms and styles that excel in looks and functionality. They trap the smoke from the burning flower, which is inhaled by the user.

Rolling papers

If you favor joints or blunts rather than pipes, you need rolling papers to get started. Joints are made by rolling cannabis in a paper made with plants like hemp, rice, or bamboo. You can try lift tickets rolling papers if you are a discerning user who wants to go the extra mile with the aroma and flavor. With blunts, you roll the herb in cigar paper made of the tobacco plant. This option is ideal for smokers looking for combined effects of cannabis and nicotine.


A less common method, hookahs are used to smoke a mix of cannabis and tobacco. It is not preferable to smoke cannabis alone with this device because the plant burns faster than you can inhale it. You may end up wasting the herb or getting an acrid taste. Moreover, you will require large quantities of cannabis to get the desired results. However, hookahs are revered for group experiences because many people can smoke together.

Homemade single-use devices

Apart from these devices, you can also smoke cannabis by making single-use devices at home. With this option, everything boils down to your creativity as you can use common household stuff like soda cans, tin foil, and even apples to create pipes. They are economical and viable in terms of health effects if you pick the right material and use the right method to assemble them.

The Lowdown

Now that you know all about your options, it will be easier to pick the one that works for you. It is a good idea to start with the basics like hand pipes and rolling papers and then experiments with water pipes, hookahs, and DIY devices.

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