UberEats to Deliver Weed in Canada: What You Need to Know

uber eats weed delivery


With the widespread popularity and legalization of marijuana across different countries, Canada now has decided to deliver weed to the doorstep of consumers. In the latest news, UberEats has partnered with cannabis retailers to provide legal cannabis to their customers. This service is exclusively launched in Toronto where people can order pots through UberEats.

“We are partnering with industry leaders like Leafly to help retailers offer safe, convenient options for people in Toronto to purchase legal cannabis for delivery to their homes, which will help combat the illegal market and help reduce impaired driving,” Lola Kassim, general manager of Uber Eats Canada, said in a statement.

“Over the last few years, we have invested heavily in our delivery business and selection has expanded tremendously. UberEats has grown quickly to become a versatile platform usable by diverse businesses large and small.”

Why Is It Launched?

The partnership is alleged to be launched considering the safety benefit to the users. This is because people who go out to buy marijuana generally drive while being high which can cause visual impairment and lead to accidents. A study showed that nearly 15% of people drive within two hours of taking marijuana.

With the help of this service, users can directly open the UberEats app, select their choice of product from any dispensary like https://www.rosemaryjane.com/shop, and get the product delivered to their homes. But, the process isn’t that easy. As per the Canadian law, when receiving the order, the users will have to prove that they are sober and are at least 19 years old.

It All Started During the Pandemic

The entire home delivery situation started during the coronavirus pandemic when restrictions were imposed regarding going out. Regulated businesses started home delivery of marijuana in Ontario in 2020 where the licensed dispensaries were allowed to use couriers to deliver products to the users. To order, the user would open the app and choose the ‘cannabis’ category and pick a retailer that is close to the shop’s delivery radius.

Once the order is accepted and the dispensary staff arrives to deliver the product, they will have to ensure that the user is at least 18 years of age and is sober as per the Ontario regulations and Cannell training.

The Bottom Line

Recreational cannabis has been legalized in Canada since October 2018. The law allowed residents to buy, sell and consume marijuana within the laws and regulations.

Since then, the country has seen a tremendous rise in the number of marijuana users. While some are recreational users, most of them are medicinal users who consume marijuana, specifically for severe health conditions, such as anxiety disorders, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, and even cancer.

In a way, this has truly helped the needy ones get the right treatment and get quick relief that they weren’t getting from conventional medications. And, now with this recent initiative of home delivery of cannabis products, the cannabis community is bound to go up and make a lot of profit.

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