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Cheeba Chews is an infused taffy brand available in five states: California, Colorado, Oklahoma, Nevada, and Massachusetts. In each region, its slate of flavors includes strawberry, sour apple, caramel, and chocolate taffy with either sativa, indica, hybrid, 2:1 (Cheeba Chews sleepy), or 1:1 cannabinoid formulations. Depending on the region’s regulations, certain products feature alternative cannabinoids like CBN or THCV or are available as strain-specific edibles.

On a recent weekend trip to Denver, I picked up two varieties of Cheeba Chews: a THCV chocolate taffy and a live-rosin-infused, strain-specific strawberry taffy. Having been swept off my feet by Denver’s top-shelf flowers, I had high expectations for the Chews.

In many ways, they delivered, but in other ways they were baffling. Here’s what I found.

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First impressions

The Cheeba Chews brand is bright, bold, and highly recognizable, with loud colors and a distinct font style. The taffy packages are similar in shape to a Hershey bar, albeit about three times as thick. Once in my hand, however, the weight I expected to feel based on the visual impression was way off the mark.

These packages did not contain thick bricks of taffy; instead, they contained plastic bubble portion packs, appearing at first blush not unlike something you’d get prescribed at a pharmacy. It took me far longer than I expected to get to my first 7.5 milligrams (5mg of THC and 2.5mg of THCV), which was disheartening because I have a comfortable 50-milligram THC tolerance for edibles and very clumsy fingers.

I wonder if this packaging is the result of the brand conforming to interstate regulations and streamlining the packaging to be consistent through multiple regions. Still, though, it was annoying.

THCV Charged Energy Chews

I took the THCV formulated taffy on a spring mountain hike with my family. The all-weather packaging, while annoying, also felt somehow practical from the inside of a misty forest. These may be a good addition to an adventurer’s daypack; if the adventurer fell in a river, the edibles would surely survive unscathed.

Once in my mouth, the taffy felt indistinguishable from a Tootsie Roll. And I love Tootsie Rolls, so that felt like a win, especially considering how much work it took to get at the first dose, and how much more I would have to do to get to my desired dose.

Once the effects arrived about 20 – 35 minutes after ingestion, the high felt airy and euphoric but not necessarily hyper-energetic. Though my headspace was sparkly and rose-hued, I wasn’t any bouncier than I would have been otherwise and still had to puff through the last few yards of the uphill walk. Of course, your results may vary.

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Live-Rosin-Infused Strawberry Taffy


Cheeba Chews’ Strain-Specific Live Rosin Taffy arrived in the same pharmaceutical-style bubble packs as the THCV ones. These servings, however, are bright pink, making the whole unboxing element that much weirder. I popped a couple before spending the afternoon treasure hunting at an out-of-town swap mall and thought the nostalgia of getting strawberry taffy stuck between my teeth went well with the nostalgia of antiquing.

There is a straightforward candy-flavor profile happening with these chews, and despite being strain-specific, there’s not even a trace of cannabis flavor. The effects were mild and manageable, with a fizzy body buzz and a soothing head high. For Laffy Taffy aficionados, this edible should satisfy that particular craving.

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Bottom line

The packaging was altogether unpleasant, from the simplistic outer branding that implies an easy task within to the bubble packs reminiscent of an emergency room med locker. The product, though, at least for those with a deep affinity for classic taffy, is likely worth the test of dexterity.

For me, the overpacked taffy cups, lack of authentic cannabis flavor, and multistate distribution make Cheeba Chews seem more like a product made for a newcomer or a cannabis tourist rather than a cannasseur purist like myself.

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