What’s new in weed: products and news from Select, Ricky Williams, and more


With so many great cannabis brands releasing exciting new products in new markets, it can be hard to keep track of every release. So we’re rounding up a few significant releases. This week, we look at releases by CBD For Life, Edie Parker, and two state expansion announcements. 

Hi5 Seltzer: Expansion to Maine

Following its release in Massachusetts, on Friday, October 15, cannabis consumers will be able to find Hi5 infused seltzers on the shelves of Theory Wellness locations in Maine. Choose 2.5 or 5-milligram THC cans in eight flavors: cranberry, pineapple, pomegranate, black cherry, grapefruit, peach mango, lemon, and lime.

Available: Maine

CBD For Life: New CBD bath sets 

CBD For Life just launched CBD bath sets for those new to cannabis or who regularly use CBD topicals to soothe body aches and tired muscles. The set, called All The Feels, includes the company’s Lemongrass Rub (120 milligrams CBD), Lemongrass Roll-On Oil (120 milligrams CBD), Lemongrass Kiwi Bath Bomb (35 milligrams CBD), and CBD Foot Cream (100 milligrams CBD).

Available: Nationwide

Select: New ​​1:1 THC:CBN bites

Select: New ​​1:1 THC:CBN bites

Featuring sedating cannabinol (CBN), Select‘s new Snooze Bites contain a 1:1 ratio of 5 milligrams THC to 5 milligrams CBN to help tired consumers unwind at bedtime. 

Available: Arizona and Nevada

Ricky Williams: Launch of new cannabis brand 

NFL running back Ricky Williams is getting in the cannabis game with his newly launched weed company Highsman. The brand was created to appeal to professional and everyday athletes and will feature cannabis products along with apparel and accessories.

Available: California and Oregon

Edie Parker: Launch of new glass fruit pipes

Edie Parker: Launch of new glass fruit pipes

Cannabis flower and retail brand Edie Parker has launched new hand-held fruit pipes. You can now toke up with a bunch of grapes, a partially peeled banana, a sweet cherry, or a ripe orange. 

Available: Nationwide

Hello Again: New 2-pack suppositories

Hello Again: New 2-pack suppositories

Los Angeles-based brand Hello Again, known for its THC-infused vaginal suppositories, has released 2-packs of its Everyday 1:8 THC:CBD (2 milligrams THC to 16 milligrams CBD) and Sleep 4:1 THC:CBD (20 milligrams THC to 5 milligrams CBD) formulas. Previously, both formulas were only available in 8-packs. 

Available: California

Kaneh Co.: Expansion to Arizona

California-based edibles brand Kaneh Co. is now expanding its reach to Arizona. The infused product lineup featured in dispensaries across the Grand Canyon State will include the brand’s 10-milligram THC brownies, along with higher THC edibles such as its Best Of Both Worlds Brownie, clocking in at 1,000 milligrams THC.

Available: Arizona and California

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