What’s new in weed: products and news from Vibes Papers, High Life Farms, and more


With so many great cannabis brands releasing exciting new products in new markets, it can be hard to keep track of every release. So we’re rounding up a few significant releases. This week, we look at releases by Vessel and a unique ski promotion from Veritas Fine Cannabis. 

Vessel: New one-hitter accessory

Based in California, Vessel entered the dry-herb accessories front with its latest release, the Helix. A one-hitter made of pure brass, the twisted “helix” within the outer gunmetal shell acts as a filtering system by catching debris and buildup from continual one-hit inhalation. 

Available: Nationwide

High Life Farms: New vape cartridges with 4Score

Teaming up with Michigan-based cannabis brand 4Score, High Life Farms announced the release of its new 1-gram distillate cartridges coming out December 17. Cannabis consumers in the Great Lakes State can now find these full-gram cartridges in Acapulco Gold, Agent Orange, 9 Pound Hammer, Green C,  Banana Runtz, Cherry Pie, Maui Wowie, Headband, and Northern Lights strains. 

Available: Michigan

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Vibes Papers: New rolling papers with rapper Berner

Released on December 14, rapper Berner and Vibes Papers just introduced The Cali rolling papers. Available in one-, two-, and three-gram sizes, The Cali papers are made with hemp, organic hemp, rice paper, and ultra-thin options in Berner’s preferred cylindrical rolling style. 

Available: Nationwide

Veritas Fine Cannabis: Ski season promotion

To celebrate the ski season, Veritas Fine Cannabis has announced a unique promotion: every Friday throughout the ski season, anyone who purchases an eighth jar of Veritas flower will have a chance to win a pair of Nomad 105 skis, designed by Colorado-based artist Morgan Mandala, from popular ski brand Icelantic

The eighth jars include a sticker with a code that can be redeemed online to enter the giveaway. This promotion is valued at over $700.

Available: Colorado

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