Zig-Zag is ready to roll onto shelves of all sizes


It’s never been easier to stock up on the papers customers crave.

Zig-Zag has been synonymous with rolling papers for decades. Even back in the dark ages when it was hard to find a reliable weed connection, smokers knew they could get a pack of quality Zig-Zags at a local corner store. Artists have been dropping the Zig-Zag name for decades, from Janis Joplin to NWA to A$AP Rocky, and they certainly weren’t talking about tobacco.

Those papers have the same enduring quality now as they have for more than 140 years: The Zig-Zags that your college roommate rolled trick joints with are the same ones that your granddad rolled his cigarettes with. But the brand has made some new innovations under the same banner that stoners have trusted for about as long as joints have existed, with papers available for every type of modern smoker.

Customers can still go to a mini-mart and buy a pack from behind the counter, but there’s no more iconic duo than Zig-Zags and chronic. With instantly recognizable branding, shelf-ready display packages, expanded & sustainable offerings, and direct sales to dispensaries of all sizes, Zig-Zag is here to remind customers why they fell in love with cannabis in the first place. 

Ask your favorite local distributor about Zig-Zag’s latest offerings or head to wholesale.zigzag.com to shop direct.

Old-school options and updated offerings

When someone walks in and says, “give me a pack of Zig-Zags,” they probably mean the Original White—the papers in the packaging that graced the cover of Dr. Dre’s The Chronic—or the equally classic (but slightly bigger) French Orange packs. Along with King Size and slow-burning Kutkorners, these natural flax fiber papers are the OG Zags that stoners swear by.

But wait, there’s more: Zig-Zag makes a paper for every kind of smoker. Expert rollers who want to taste as much bud as possible flock to the Ultra Thins. Unbleached papers keep things extra-natural. Sustainably-minded customers can get that same Zig-Zag quality in Organic Hemp papers, and at a lower price than newer brands.

For flawless pre-rolls, Zig-Zag offers cones in both Ultra Thin and Unbleached in both 1 1/4 and King sizes.

These things sell themselves (really)

With brand recognition so deeply entrenched in cannabis culture, customers naturally gravitate to the iconic, bearded Zig-Zag man, and available promo displays not only keep that mark of quality front-and-center, they can give you more bang for your buck per booklet.

It’s easy and enticing to grab a pack or three from a box of the classic whites, and the orange booklets really pop on a shelf. Ultrathin, Unbleached, and Organic Hemp displays tell customers loud and clear that you have a paper for every preference. Three displays of cones—Ultra Thin, King Size Ultra Thin, and Unbleach—show off the crush-proof slide boxes that keep them safe in a purse or pocket.

Plus, seeing that friendly face greeting them at the checkout instantly tells customers that you have rolling papers—and that it’s probably time to stock up.

Buy in bulk

If you’re a grower or dispensary offering pre-rolls, Zig-Zag lends an air of authenticity—and buying your cones in bulk saves you packaging, headaches, and most importantly money.

Ultra Thin and Unbleached papers come in boxes of 900 for 1 1/4 and 800 for King Size, and they’re compatible with all standard filling machines, making ready-to-smoke offerings a breeze.

For smaller operations, Zig-Zag offers “mini-bulk” options with packs of 50, 75, and 100 cones. These mega-packs of ultra-thin rolling papers come in 1 1/4, 98, and King sizes. These smaller boxes also look handsome on retail shelves and tell your big-time stoner customers: “Hey. We see you.”

Accessories for the upsell

Customers reach for Zig-Zag when they’re trying to roll the perfect joint, and they’ll pick up Zig-Zag accessories to help them achieve it—like durable acrylic rollers to help provide a perfect roll every time.

Zig-Zag also offers tips in both 18mm standard and 25mm wide sizes. They’re also an easy sell: They’re biodegradable, vegan-friendly, unbleached, GMO-free, dye-free, and chlorine-free. Who can say no to a cleaner smoke?

To keep rolling tidy, Zig-Zag offers thick, quality tin rolling trays. They’re a smooth surface with high edges and rounded corners, perfect for keeping organized and not losing any flower. Emblazoned with Zig-Zag’s iconic branding, these rolling trays’ MSRP is an extremely impulse-buy-worthy $12.

Swag for the loyalists

Customers can show off their Zig-Zag brand loyalty with strong but subtle streetwear designs in tees, tanks, caps, beanies, hoodies, and more—and since they look great on a wall, they double as decor. Additional swag includes drawstring bags and inflatable cones. They’re a great way to rep the brand in-store, on the go, or in social media photos.

Get 15% off your first order by talking to your local distributor or by signing up for a wholesale account on wholesale.zigzag.com—you can place an order immediately after signup.

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