710 buyers’ guide: 6 concentrates to celebrate Oil Day


Leave it to stoners to invent an entire holiday around dabbing.

Most contemporary cannabis consumers are familiar with 420, the universal time and date that pot smokers recognize as the consumption holy hour when even the lonely stoner can feel part of the larger cannabis community. But what is 710 Day — or Oil Day — and why is it being discussed in the same breath as 420?

Origins of 710

On what is arguably the most frivolous use of a calendar holiday since Sneak Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Day, Oil Day, or Dab Day, is a companion holiday to 420, where its celebrations mostly center around dispensary deals and getting really, really high.

The origin of Oil Day is so innocuous that if you weren’t already a pothead, you might have trouble believing it was an actual “thing.” Oil Day is celebrated every July 10 for the simple reason that if you write the date 7/10 upside down, it reads “OIL.”

That’s it. That’s the whole reason and origin story.

On its surface, this day encourages the headiest form of consumption, but dig a bit deeper and you may discover that 7/10 is really a celebration of cannabis ingenuity in a new era of acceptance.

While extracts and concentrates have been around forever, e-rigs, slim pens, and pocket vapes have changed the consumption game, enabling smoke-averse consumers to medicate at high doses with minimal fanfare, and for consumers with high tolerances to explore the intense, hyper-specific effects of individual strains. In that regard, Dab Day is all about the oils, but it also low-key celebrates a more inclusive cannabis experience for all enthusiasts.

6 concentrates to celebrate Oil Day

On this Oil Day, whether you’re an established, die-hard dabber, an occasional dab dabbler, or a dab dilettante, consider including one — or all — of these various types of dabbable extracts in your Dab Day rotation.

Humboldt Terp Council: Cherry Gas Live Resin

Live resin is a concentrate extracted from fresh, rather than cured, cannabis flowers using a solvent. Live resin is where a lot of extracts begin; from this form, the extracts can be further processed to create badders, budders, waxes, and crumbles.

Humboldt Terp Council‘s Cherry Gas Live Resin is a cross of Triple OG, Gelato, and Cherry Frosting, but its products are highly seasonal, so check its current offerings to explore some of the other high-quality live resin extracts from the brand.

STIIIZY: GMO Cake Live Rosin Jam

Not to be confused with live resin, live rosin is a solventless extract, created using only heat and pressure on fresh or fresh-frozen flower. Live rosins are prized for their robust profiles that are created without the use of solvents, thus eliminating the issue of residual chemicals.

STIIIZY‘s GMO Cake is a balanced hybrid of GMO and Wedding Cake, so expect a nuanced high with potentially soothing and energizing qualities.

Buddies: Chocolate Mint Crumble

Crumble is an extract that has been whipped to create a more firm final product than the oil it was created from. Crumbles can look like hard wax, honeycomb, pie crust, or cold butter, and the texture is largely dependent on the environment in which it’s kept. Crumbles are favorable for how easy they are to manipulate with a small dab tool, they are far more manageable to dose than live resin, oily diamonds, or fragile shatter.

Buddies‘ Chocolate Mint crumble is reportedly a sweetly soothing, physically relaxing strain best employed for end-of-day enjoyment; however, your experience may vary.

Rove: Pink Runtz Live Diamonds

Diamonds, the most opulent of concentrates, are purified isolates that have formed crystalline solids. These require quite a bit of post-processing, and the price points typically reflect that extra effort. Diamonds are often packaged in a live resin “sauce” that serves to round out an otherwise one-dimensional isolate high. Bonus, slathered in sauce or not, they look awesome glistening from the end of a fancy dab tool.

Rove‘s Pink Runtz is an evenly balanced cross of Zkittlez and Gelato that, based on personal experience, may deliver measured euphoria and a buzzy body high.

Single Origin: Sativa Oil Distillate

Distillates are highly processed oils that completely isolate cannabinoids like THC and CBD. These oils are typically the texture of simple syrup and come packaged in small, potentially unsettling syringes. The syringes, like Single Origin’s, make for super easy dosing and are reportedly prized by medicinal dabbers with limited mobility and/or dexterity.

Single Origin’s sativa distillate is a pure, unadulterated syringe loaded with activated THC, and ready to be dripped onto the nail of an e-rig or drizzled across flower.

Korova: Peach Sherbert Shatter

Shatter is produced by “purging” extracted cannabis oil until it forms an ultra-firm, glass-like consistency. Shatter is particularly popular for its stability. While whipped extracts can “sugar” over as they react to atmospheric changes, shatter mostly maintains its glass-like composition. Pro-tip: the shards can be easily dosed once made pliable by a warmed tool. Otherwise, it’s a bit of a broken-glass-crap-shoot.

Korova‘s Peach Sherbert is a cool, soothing hybrid that consumers have reported delivers super smooth, mood-mollifying effects that are perfect for closing out a long day.

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