Secrets To Dosing Your Cannabis Edibles ?

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Cannabis edibles are an incredible way to experience weed. You can try a wide variety of foods infused with cannabis flower or concentrates, and each one tastes different.

The legal status of weed and growing inclination for culinary experiments bring endless options for the users willing to try edibles.

You can relish brownies, cakes, and cookies, try beverages like shakes, smoothies, tea, and coffee or enjoy treats like candies, chocolates, and gummies.

Even as the options are exciting, dosing the edibles can be the biggest challenge. The effects set in slowly, so there is always a risk that you may consume more than you can handle.

So to prevent a dreaded “temporary psychosis” experience, you need to understand the dosage basics to stay on track.

Here are some easy secrets that can help…

Understand how edibles work

Before learning more about the optimal edible dosage, you need to understand how these products work.

Edibles get absorbed through your digestive system, unlike vaping and tinctures that quickly penetrate through the lungs and sublingually. The effects of edibles are often delayed, and they stay longer as well.

And although there isn’t a one-size-fits-all formula for onset timing, it can take half an hour to three hours to experience the effects, and you can expect them to stay for around six hours.

Calculate the potency of the product

Each product has a different potency, and it determines the right dosage. Edible potency is indicated by the mg weight of the cannabinoids it contains.

You can check the package to read the mg weight of CBD and THC per serving and the total mg weight. For example, a 200 mg edible package divided into twenty servings will have 10 mg in each serving.

Once you learn to calculate dosage per serving, it becomes easy to tailor it to your needs and expectations.

Work up the dosage slowly

Learning to read the potency and calculate it per serving gives you a good start. Ideally, a beginner should start with an edible dosage equivalent to 1 to 5 mg of THC. More experienced consumers can take it up a notch.

For example, intermediate users can reach up to 20 mg, while seasoned users can go well beyond. Everything boils down to your tolerance levels, and you can understand them as you consume weed edibles over time.

Remember that less is more

When you just start with edibles, you may go wrong and overdo as you wait for the effects to set in. It is advisable to take very small amounts and give yourself a couple of hours before taking the second dose.

Although the effect varies from person to person, edibles can be pretty hard-hitting, so you need to be very careful with the dosing.

Even seasoned users may go overboard when they switch between different edibles so always remember that less is more.

The Bottom Line

Getting your dosing right with cakes, cookies, drinks, and treats can be tough, but the incredible experiences they deliver make the effort worthwhile.

Being patient and listening to your body is the key because every person has a different response to these products.

Moreover, it may vary from product to product too. Just go slow, be open to new experiences, and enjoy them to the fullest.

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