Inside the CBD Oil Industry: Top Products Growing in Demand Across Canada

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The CBD oil industry in Canada is massive. And now with many multinational companies joining in, it is safe to say that the future of the industry will be positive. At least, for Canadians who love CBD and exploring new CBD products.

If you have been dabbling in CBD for the past year or even longer, you should know that there are simply so many CBD products on the market. Manufacturers have realized that Canadians are taking CBD for various purposes, and a different method of intake appeals to a different consumer. By diversifying their products, they can effectively reach more consumers in the country.

From the consumer’s perspective, now we have more products to choose from. Naturally, people are going to buy products that are more beneficial for them. So if you want to get into the CBD oil in Canada industry, it would be useful to learn about some of the top products growing in demand in nationwide. Here are some of the top products people love.

1. CBD oil

CBD oil isn’t a new kind of CBD product. It has been around for a while now but is still the go-to product for many people in Canada. The thing with CBD oil is that it is reliable, easy to use, pretty easy to carry around, versatile, and can be quite potent. So it’s not surprising that for people who are trying CBD for the first time, CBD oil is the product to choose from.

Nowadays, CBD oil has already evolved, too. Manufacturers are releasing CBD oils with various flavors. Flavored CBD oils have become the next big thing now in Canada. And considering how easy it is to CBD oil already, these products are going to be even more popular in the future.

2. CBD edibles

I think at this point, everyone in Canada knows what edibles are. There are just so many products that fall under the category of edibles. Some of the most popular products are CBD chocolate, brownies, baked goods and pastries, gummies, capsules and pills, and beverages. Even some restaurants and bars are now serving their own edibles to their regulars.

It is obvious that many Canadians are crazy about edibles. Some products like CBD butter also exist to help people who want to make their own edibles. DIY tutorials to make edibles are also everywhere. Some manufacturers keep getting creative with their edibles, too. The whole CBD edibles market is very competitive and companies that want to compete in the market are encouraged to create new products.

3. CBD capsules and pills

I listed capsules and pills above, but I believe these products deserve their own topic. Capsules and pills are a very smart idea in the CBD industry. Trying CBD for the first time can be scary, not to mention that some people don’t want to deal with complicated methods of intake. But people are already familiar with capsules and pills, so there is nothing new to learn here. At the end of the day, capsules and pills are a great alternative for people who want to try CBD and take it without any hassle.

Furthermore, CBD capsules and pills are as portable and discreet as they get. You can take them with you while traveling and take them in public. No one is going to notice that you’re taking CBD. Furthermore, considering the method of intake, controlling the dosage will be very easy.

4. CBD vapes

I am sure you know what vapes are. They have been around for a while now, even before CBD became popular in Canada. Vaping was usually done with nicotine and an alternative for people who are addicted to cigarettes. But ever since CBD got so popular, people found a way to combine a vaporizer with CBD.

And now here we are. People are vaping CBD and some of them even swear that it is the best way to take CBD. If you get deeper into CBD vapes, you will learn more about the types of vaporizers and CBD concentrates. Don’t forget about all the procedures of using a vaporizer and CBD concentrates together that you need to learn as well.

Overall, CBD vapes offer a different kind of experience that you can get with CBD. This is why some Canadians are crazy about them. Of course, vapes aren’t exactly discreet, but some of them are portable. The fast-acting effects are always appreciated, too.


These top CBD oil products in Canada are growing in demand alongside CBD oil. Perhaps the future of CBD will be built upon these products. We are already seeing more varieties of existing products in Canada. So perhaps we are going to see more varieties of them in the near future.

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