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Do you like dessert? Then you’ll love Dolato. This sweet and creamy strain is known for helping you unwind into a long, relaxing evening. The sedated, no-stress head high is the perfect match to the relaxed body buzz, delivering an overall peaceful feeling.  If you like things chilled-out and tasty, Dolato is about to become your new favorite strain.

Sativa/Indica %Indoor YieldOutdoor YieldFlowering Period
30%/70%14-16 ounces per square yard18 ounces per plant8-9 weeks indoors, mid-October outdoors

Dolato is an excellent blend of two great marijuana strains, Do-Si-Do and Gelato. Their offspring is an indica/sativa hybrid with pleasant, long-lasting effects. You may see it called Do-si-lato or Dosi-lato in other Dolato strain review articles. However, they are all the same. Sweet, powerful, and relaxing is the trademark of this strain.

Delivering a smooth hitting experience with a light buzz, Dolato provides a feeling of calm relaxation and peaceful euphoria. Great for mood boosts and brainstorming; you’ll notice focus, energy, and peace. This strain is best enjoyed in the afternoon or evening hours.

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Information about Dolato Strain:

ORIGINDo-Si-Do and Gelato
Dry eyes
FRAGRANCEClean, earthy, herbal, sweet
FLAVORSMild, earthy, berry, sweet
INDICA / SATIVA %70%/30%
INDOOR YIELD14-16 ounces per square yard
OUTDOOR YIELD18 ounces per plant

* 10 is the highest
* 1 is the lowest


Dolato strain effects start with a heavy buzz that comes on smoothly. The buzz feels light and airy, so much that you almost don’t notice its euphoria until you’re completely buzzed. Great for mood boosts and brainstorming; it provides focus, energy, and relaxation.

Meanwhile, the body buzz will keep you relaxed all night long. The feeling moves from your forehead into your body until every limb relaxes. Soon your hands and feet will be tingling, and you’ll have nothing else to do but melt into the couch for the rest of the evening.

Dolato Strain Effects
Dolato Strain Effects

The very high THC content (29%) goes after feelings of depression and chronic pain. Some say this energetic high knocks out fatigue, cramps, and muscle spasms as well.  Dolato is one of those strains that’s loved by many, regardless of their reasons for using it.


Unlike its parent, the Dolato strain isn’t an incredibly potent plant when it comes to fragrance. Most people report the smell as clean and earthy, with a lightly herbal undertone. It’s sweet but profoundly plant-like.

The first time I grew Dolato seeds, I was amazed by the large harvest I made! In just 8 weeks, I got 16 ounces of beautiful flowers. While we don’t sell this strain yet, you’ll certainly find seeds similar to Dolato in our seed shop.

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Dolato’s flavor is a little richer than its subtle scent. It’s still mild and earthy, with some light berry notes to round out the experience. The sweet aftertaste of the Dolato strain help makes this strain even more desirable.  

Adverse Reactions

Dolato is an excellent strain due to its potency. However, for that same reason, those new to Dolato strain effects should start slowly with small amounts. Once you become familiar with the high, feel free to indulge. Side effects include the common cottonmouth and dry eyes, which easily go away by drinking some water. Excessive amounts of this strain can cause dizziness, anxiety, a jittery feeling, or paranoia. As a result, those consuming Dolato weed should pace themselves to avoid overdoing it.

Dolato Strain Adverse Reactions
Dolato Strain Adverse Reactions

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Growing Dolato plants is not hard at all. While new growers must learn how to maintain the right temperature and humidity level, in general, it’s a fairly easy grow. The plant tends to get very bushy, so you may want to consider trimming it, especially if you are growing it indoors.  You’ll also need to provide plenty of airflow. Prune your plant early in its vegetative stage, once its indica genes begin to kick in, for the best results.

Growing Dolato Strain
Growing Dolato Strain

Dolato plants respond well to training. Use high-stress training can help your harvest reach its full potential. Many people also find that the Screen of Green (ScroG) growing method helps Dolato weed plants reach their full potential.

The Dolato cannabis plant grows large and strong in no time. It’s relatively hardy when it comes to pests and mildew, so humidity is less of a problem than it is with some other indica strains. Expect strong branches and sturdy plants inside and out. While this is great for getting a large harvest, it does make the actual harvest a little tricky. You’ll need sharper tools to harvest these buds than you might with other strains.

The grow technique you use can maximize the amount of your harvest regardless of the strain. For best results, shop our seedbank for seeds that have been bred for high yields!

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Dolato marijuana grows well indoors, where it’s easy to maintain its preferred conditions. When planted indoors, Dolato is ready for harvest in about eight to nine weeks, and you can expect a yield of 14-16 ounces per square yard.


Outdoor growers in the northern hemisphere can expect the harvest by mid-October. In a Mediterranean climate, you can expect up to 18 ounces of beautiful flowers plant.

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  1. Do-Si-Do
  2. Gelato

FAQ About Dolato Strain

What is the Dolato strain yield?

Dolato yields 14-16 ounces per square yard indoors and 18 ounces per plant outdoors.

How much THC does Dolato have?

It contains 29% THC.

What are the origins of the Dolato strain?

Dolato was created from a mix between Do-Si-Do and Gelato.

Have you ever smoked or grown your own Dolato? Tell me about your favorite marijuana strain to grow in the comments below.

Happy growing!


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