e-Nails vs Dab Rigs: Which is Better?

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There are foundational tools that act as our first entrance into smoking or dabbing. For example, while you could always spring for a dry herb vaporizer, you most likely still have a trusty pipe on hand that you still smoke from.

In a similar fashion, you may be someone who loves concentrates that may be deciding between e-nails or dab rigs.

If you found yourself in this predicament, let’s take a look at each product to see how they stack up against each other.

What Are e-Nails?

E-nails are electronic nails that heat themselves rather than relying on an external heat source to get the job done. This makes it much easier to get full control over your dabbing experience, something that a dab rig can’t achieve on its own. With this in mind, there are two types of e-nails: e-nails that are designed to be attached to water pipes and nails that act as their own standalone product that you can dab from. Either way, an e-nail may be the perfect fit for your needs.

Benefits of e-Nails

So, what are the benefits of having an e-nail? Some of the key benefits include:

Accurate Temperature

With a dab rig, you have to heat it up, wait for it to cool down, and hope that it’s at the right temperature to take a dab. With an e-nail, you’re able to pick the exact temperature so that you can dab with precision and unlock all of the potential that your concentrates have to offer.


The biggest pain that you’ll encounter when dabbing with a rig is having to wait for the heating process to kick in. With an e-nail, heating is instant, allowing you to dive right into your concentrates right away.

Features of e-Nails

Are there any special features with an e-nail? Only a few. One of the most notable features are:

Different Sizes

Sizing is one of the most important items to focus on when purchasing electronic goods like e-nails. If they don’t fit right, you have to go through the process of shopping for a new one and hoping that this one works. Fortunately, e-nails have adjustable sizing to make sure that you’re able to use your new device. This feature makes for a seamless user experience every time.

What Are Dab Rigs?

You may already be quite familiar with dab rigs. A dab rig is a complex water pipe designed specifically for vaping concentrates. With large bodies and intricate percolators and vapor pathways, dab rigs serve to cool and filter your hits long before they reach your mouth. One could argue that these tools are one of the most essential tools to have if you dab as it provides a clean, consistent experience.

Benefits of Dab Rigs

So, what are the benefits of owning a dab rig? Some benefits include:

More Control

Both e-nails and dab rigs offer a certain level of control. For an e-nail, this means having a device that gives you precision temperature control. On the other hand, a dab rig is designed specifically for your concentrates, giving you full control over the experience and making for much cleaner, cooler hits. Additionally, dab rigs don’t come with the same risks. For example, with a dab rig, you don’t point your flame at flammable objects or have near as many risks. With an e-nail, you could accidentally leave it on and start a fire or even accidentally touch it. Both products come with their pros and cons, and this is one of the benefits to keep in mind when shopping around for either product.

Features of Dab Rigs

What are the best features of the dab rig? Let’s dive in.

Use of Quartz

The use of materials like quartz and glass in dab rigs is what makes it such a unique, trustworthy product. Speaking to the nail itself, the use of quartz results in clean, reliable hits that you may not get with metal. Moving past that, the materials of the dab rig itself help to preserve the flavor and quality of your vapors as they travel throughout the rig. All of these design elements lend themselves to the high level of quality that dab rigs are associated with.


So, which one is better. The truth is that each product comes with its pros and cons. If you’re looking for a standalone dabber or a tool that speeds up the dabbing process, you should go for an e-nail. If you’ve just started dabbing and need a foundation tool to help you get started, you should absolutely purchase a dab rig. Who knows? You may even have an extensive collection of both products once you start dabbing more regularly!

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