How To Get Started With Dabbing: Tips for Newbies

how to start dabbing


Dabbing can be a little intimidating, even for people having good experience with the other methods of cannabis consumption.

Concentrates are likely to be far more potent than any other form you may have tried. It makes sense to have clear expectations and understand the basics of safe usage before you start.

Thankfully, dabbing is as safe as any other method, provided that you do it right. Here are some simple tips that can help you do it safely and confidently as a beginner.

Start small with dosage

As a rule, you must never go overboard with cannabis dosage, more so if it is your first stint with a concentrate. The best way to go about it is smart small, and you will be able to relish the flavors and aromas to the fullest. Even small doses can yield a compelling high, which may be enough to overwhelm a beginner. Ideally, you should stick to microdoses of concentrates and work your way up over time as you develop a comfort level with concentrates.

Watch an expert first

For someone who has been smoking, consuming edibles, or using tinctures, dabbing may seem tricky. The dosing and equipment can be complicated to handle, and it is best to learn visually. You can watch an expert doing it first to get an idea about using enails and dab rigs. Ask questions and clarify doubts so that you can be confident when you get down to using it. Moreover, experts can offer some tips on how to get the best hits and avoid burning yourself.

Invest in the best equipment

Dabbing safety depends on using the right equipment apart from picking quality products and sticking to the right doses. Choose the best enail and dab rig, even if it means that you have to spend a little extra. You may even ask for recommendations, as seasoned users are the best people to suggest quality products and brands. While you stock your stuff, don’t forget to buy a dab mat.

Choose a calm environment

You will be surprised to know that the environment also has an impact on dabbing safety for the first-timers. You are most likely to feel apprehensive before your first session, so calm and relaxed surroundings can be of great help. It is best to dab in the company of someone who knows dabbing inside out because they will be able to guide you if you need help. Since concentrates are high in THC, expect to feel the hit and be ready for it.

Stay hydrated

Hydration is essential for cannabis users, and you need to do a tad more if you choose to dab as your consumption method. It can make your throat burn when you start and even experienced users feel the same because it is a rather hot method. Drinking plenty of water can relieve the sensation and prevent coughing after the initial hits.

The Takeaway

Dabbing is for adventure-lovers, so you must not miss the experience if you want to feel the best that cannabis offers. But make sure that you follow these tips, and you will have a great time.

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