Election Day stress? Chill with these 5 dank strains


With the presidential election right around the corner, we’re sensing some stress from the dumpster fire that is 2020. From murder hornets to a global pandemic, nothing feels like reality and the results of next week’s historic election might be similarly surreal. 

Regardless how you vote, we recommend these strains to get you through election night. Love your country and be nice ‘n high. USA!

Presidential OG

Nothing is more regal than taking a giant toke of Presidential OG. Like the results of an election, this strain hits hard and fast.

Promising review: “I started watching Lord of the Rings but realized halfway through I was actually watching My Best Friend’s Wedding.”

Danky Doodle

Smoke this strain for a relaxing, full-body high and to tune out any frenetic election vibes. You’ll be feeling Danky Doodle good. 

Promising review: “Like walking on sunshine. This strain will get you super stoned. If you’re down to chill and do nothing, this strain is for you.”

American Pie

Don’t eat your feelings. Smoke them. Enjoy a good ol’ slice of classic American Pie to feel content, no matter how you feel about the election’s trajectory.

Promising review: “Very euphoric and great for depression or stress. It’s a great strain for calming down.” 

American Beauty

Smile like a beauty queen with a little toke of American Beauty. This strain will have you feeling lucid and happy. Remember lucid and happy? So 2019.

Promising Review: “Great strain for chilling in the evening while still being functional.”

Mars OG

Soooo sick of politics and would rather wait this one out on another planet while experiencing an uplifting, buzzy head high? We gotchoo with Mars OG

Promising Review: “Smoked a few bowls of this—everything was interesting and in slow motion. It was a very good high.”

(Reviews lightly edited for clarity)

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