London Pound Cake Strain


London Pound Cake weed is an Indica heavy strain that will please sweet strain fans with a satisfying punch. With a whopping 29% THC level that averages at 27.5% and 70% Indica genetics,  this is a strain that you will feel. Aesthetically, it is darker colored with bits of orange. 

Sativa/Indica %Indoor YieldOutdoor YieldFlowering Period
30%/70%AverageAverage8 weeks indoors, October outdoors

Information about London Pound Cake Strain:

This awesome strain was designed by Cookies Fam Genetics in Los Angeles, California. Regular weed lovers should consider adding this strain to their list of favorites. If you can get your hands on their seeds, you can even enjoy homegrown quality buds of this strain year long!

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Information about London Pound Cake Strain:

ORIGINSunset Sherbert
FRAGRANCEcitrusy, hints of spicy
FLAVORSsugary sweet, lemon
THC CONTENT %27.5%-29%
INDICA / SATIVA %70%/30%

* 10 is the highest
* 1 is the lowest


Although strong, London Pound Cake cannabis won’t leave you stuck in a couchlock. Instead, you can expect intensely positive vibes from a very cerebral high. While you may become a little sleepy, you’ll likely enjoy it. This strain is all about clearing away stress. That said, it isn’t for the faint of heart or total beginners. Save London Pound Cake weed for those with a bit of tolerance already.

London pound cake effects
London pound cake cannabis plant

What type of effects should you expect? Most people report feeling super relaxed, happy, sedated, a bit sleepy, and possibly a bit hungry. You’ll want to be sure to have some snacks around before trying this delicious strain! Those who will see the most benefit from this strain include people with depression, anxiety, PTSD, and sometimes even insomnia. Some have even said this strain helps with their physical ailments, such as pain.

The colorful London Pound Cake buds will likely keep you happy, relaxed, and anxiety-free for hours on end. It is a delightful strain for just about anyone, but especially those feeling stressed. If you are new to marijuana, you may want to take it a bit easy because this strain may send you straight to bed.  Just to be safe, enjoy it in the evening when you don’t have anything significant left to do.


Much like actual pound cake, the aroma of the London Pound Cake strain is a delight to behold. When you get a whiff of those buds, you notice a blend of sugary sweetness and perhaps a zing of lemony citrus. Some say the scent is a bit different than what they expected.

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Some say the taste of London Pound Cake is, in fact, superior to its smell. The flavors include fruity notes such as grapes, lemon, and berries, mixed with an earthy taste that some might describe as “woody” or “nutty.” This combination makes for a well-rounded sweetness that can be universally enjoyed.

Adverse Reactions

Those who do not regularly use marijuana might experience effects that are stronger than they’d prefer. This is why you should save this strain for evening use. Under the worst-case scenario, you might find that it sedates you a little bit more than expected, negating any possibility of being productive afterward. Even if you don’t become incredibly sleepy, it still has a very relaxing effect, which is not necessarily ideal for getting anything meaningful done. Unless you’re already well familiar with strong Indica strains,  be sure to try this strain in small doses at night, just to be sure.

London pound cake weed
London pound cake adverse effects

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The first thing to know about growing London Pound Cake cannabis plants is that the seeds are a bit hard to come by.  However, if you’re really determined, you can do it – but it’s going to cost you.

These seeds take about 12 weeks to grow. They are suitable for growing either indoors or outdoors. Don’t expect to find any feminized versions of seeds, so be prepared to “weed” out the males once you can identify them.

Because they are expensive to obtain, London Pound Cake weed remains one of the more mysterious cannabis plants to grow.  The effects of smoking this weed are well documented, but growing it is another thing altogether. As with most marijuana strains, expect more information to develop as others start to grow it. 

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Flowering Time


This Pound Cake strain is moderately challenging to grow, making it ideal for indoor grows. Flowering typically takes about 60 days. Expect dense buds with threads of orange and frosty, amber-colored trichomes.


Lemon Pound Cake has Sunset Sherbet genetics, meaning it will likely enjoy a Mediterranean climate. They aren’t the fastest to flower, so keep your eye out on frost. Expect an October harvest when growing in the Northern hemisphere.


  1. Sunset Sherbert

FAQ About London Pound Cake Strain

What is the flowering times for London Pound Cake strain?

London Pound Cake has a flowering time of 8 weeks indoors and October outdoors

How much THC does London Pound Cake have?

London Pound contains contains up to 29% of THC.

What are the origins of the London Pound Cake strain?

London Pound Cake was created from Sunset Sherbert genetics.

Have you ever smoked or grown your own London Pound Cake? Please let me know what you think about this marijuana strain in the comments below.


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