Everything you need to know about the Stündenglass Kompact Gravity Infuser


Stündenglass is best known for its canny reinvention of the gravity bong as a minimalist hookah. The flagship device’s 360° rotating twin chambers, contactless mouthpiece, and sleek housing low-key pass as end-table art. And with a collection of celebrity endorsements, the novelty of this device is plain, if not totally accessible.

The original Stündenglass Gravity Infuser (aka kinetic hookah, aka gravity bong) features pint-sized glass chambers on either end of a metal axis. The Kompact Gravity Infuser is a scaled-down version of the same device, built to suit the everyday user.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Stündenglass Kompact.

What is the Stündenglass Kompact Gravity Infuser?

The Stündenglass Kompact is a rotating glass hookah that uses kinetic motion to produce super-rich, deeply opaque gravity bong hits. The Kompact is essentially a slightly smaller, more manageable version of the original.

The Kompact features two borosilicate glass globes that screw into an axis connected to a housing made from aircraft-grade anodized aluminum. On one side of the axis is the mouthpiece, and on the other side is the intake for a bowl. The globes turn on the axis to flush water from one chamber to the other, drawing from the bowl and simultaneously forcing smoke from a 45° adjustable mouthpiece that consumers can use directly, or attach to a 3-foot long hookah hose.

The Stündenglass Kompact is more user-friendly than the original Gravity Infuser, arriving completely assembled in its own super-slick, party-ready travel case, and maintaining a manageable passing weight — even when water is added.

The Kompact is the most contemporary iteration of a gravity bong available, utilizing kinetic force to produce super-heady hits for single consumers or larger parties.

How does the Stündenglass Kompact work?

The Kompact functions very simply and requires very little setup right out of the case. The water-filtering glass-chambered upstem and downstem arrive already attached to the device’s axis, but you must unscrew one of the two glass chambers and fill it with approximately one cup of water to get the device herb-ready.

Once the chamber is screwed back into its housing, you must insert the male-to-male adapter into the coal tray, and then insert that package into the downstem adapter (the intake opposite the mouthpiece). A grinder-sized metal bowl neatly rests atop the taped silicone end of the male-to-male joint, and within that bowl, you can drop a glass bowl liner specific to dry herb use. The device’s user guide comes with an easy-to-discern infographic on assembly.

Once assembly is complete, light your material while slowly rotating the chambers on their axis. As the chambers rotate, the device will draw air from the bowl and expel smoke from the mouthpiece. When the chambers are resting, the device will no longer draw.

What’s included?

Each Stündenglass Kompact Gravity Infuser package contains:

  • High-grade custom travel case with a silicone handle and adjustable shoulder strap
  • Aluminum bowl kit: coal tray, male-to-male adapter, and metal bowls for hookah or herb
  • Glass bowl liner for ground herbs (fits into metal bowl)
  • 3-foot silicone hose
  • Replacement upstem
  • Cleaning kit: microfiber cleaning cloth, alcohol wipes, pipe cleaner bundle, and three tube scrubbers

How to clean the Stündenglass Kompact

A particularly appealing feature of the Kompact is how easy it is to disassemble and reassemble for cleaning. The product’s own guide recommends rinsing the globes and upstem in either isopropyl alcohol or hot water and soap exclusively, avoiding harsh solvents or acidic cleaners.

After testing the Stündenglass Kompact, we cleaned it as advised, but with a slight modification: we filled one globe with a mixture of 2:4 isopropyl alcohol to water, reassembled the device, and then rotated the alcohol-water mix through the chambers until the glass was visibly spotless. Then, we dumped the alcohol down the drain, let the residual solvent evaporate for several minutes, and reassembled the device dry for storage.

What’s the appeal?

At $600, the Stündenglass Kompact Gravity Infuser is as much of an investment as the classic Stündenglass, but unlike its predecessor, the Kompact is both legitimately party-ready and perfectly suitable as a single consumer’s personal piece. The Kompact is an already assembled, easy-to-use, travel-friendly, wildly grandiose yet exceedingly simple device that can be safely shared, quickly cleaned, and conveniently stored.

Bottom line: if you’ve got the budget for it, consider adding this flashy AF, internet famous, Wiz Khalifa-approved, science-project-shaped-gravity-bong that comes with its own custom suitcase to your collection.

And if you don’t quite have the budget for it, Stündenglass offers discounts to essential workers, seniors, disabled folks, low-income, and unemployed buyers.

Check out the Stündenglass Kompact Gravity Infuser at stundenglass.com.

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