Leafly’s most loved strains and weed products of 2022


What we’ve been schmokin’ in 2022

Strains are what make our world go round, so every year, Leafly Staff likes to showcase the strains and products that we just couldn’t get enough of. Check out this list of strains most loved by Leafly Staff in 2022, and check back with us in 2023 for more strain lists, learning, and news.

Strains we loved the most in 2022


Member Berry

Black Orchid

Banana Kush

Apple Fritter

Red Headed Stranger

Pineapple Cake

KC Kush

Products we couldn’t get enough of

Leafly staff members live all over the country, and we love products from many different states, including weed products in Washington, Texas, California, Colorado, Ohio, Missouri, and Illinois.

Here were our favorite products that we couldn’t get enough of in 2022. Click to find the products or something similar on Leafly.com.

We look forward to enjoying another year of weed and wonder with you in 2023!

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