Star signs and cannabis strains: May 2022 horoscopes


It’s time to grab life by the horns, Stargazers. Welcome to Taurus season and the month of May! We’re talking self-care, we’re talking lavish baths, we’re talking being on a first-name basis with your Grubhub delivery driver.

It’s an action-packed month starting with Venus entering Aries on May 2. Love will be fiery in the first weeks of May. Then, on May 10, Mercury goes retrograde while in the sign of Gemini. The world will tilt on its axis a bit as we figure out how to communicate with one another through a lot of retrograde noise. There’s a full moon and lunar eclipse in Scorpio on May 15, and we officially enter Gemini Season on May 20.

Life will be a little like the mechanical bull this month — you just gotta hang on for much longer than 8 seconds. And you will, Stargazers. You will.

Your May horoscope


Happy Birthday, Bulls! You were born for the finer things in life and this month will be the perfect time to tap into your potential. On May 2, your ruler — Venus — enters Aries. It’s a potent romantic combination that will bode well for your love life. On May 15, there is a full moon and lunar eclipse in Scorpio. The darkened night sky is a great reminder that the universe is a vast, vast place and no one will care in 150 years what you did — so do the thing that makes you shine. Give yourself that gift this year.

On May 28, Venus enters your sign. You will be at peak power during the last days of the month. Do one thing that scares you and one thing that opens you up to new experiences and people. You will be glad you did.

May strain: Since this is your season, spark up some Birthday Cake. This hybrid kush with a silly sweet name packs a serious punch with 20% THC. Don’t underestimate the power of this bud. Users report that this is a potent strain that leaves you feeling like you just inhaled dessert.


It’s spring, Gems. If you’ve been feeling the urge to do some gardening, there’s a good astrological reason. On May 10, Mercury goes retrograde in your sign. Don’t take the miscommunication it bring personally. But, do follow the instinct to plant some good seeds around this time. Everyone will need an emotional boost in a few weeks.

On May 15, there is a full moon and lunar eclipse in Scorpio. There is good and bad where this eclipse is concerned. On the one hand, the darkened night sky is a blank canvas to paint your aspirations on, on the other hand, eclipses like this one can act as a kind of mirror.

You might see some of your recent choices reflected back to you in a … not so great light. Don’t get discouraged. On May 20, we officially start Gemini Season and you’ll feel right at home in the spotlight again. Take everything with a grain of salt this month, Gem.

May strain: You’ll probably looking for any opportunity to get some downtime this May. Sherb Face is a hybrid strain with a modest 17% THC, making it perfect for a lazy day spent catching up on chores. Veteran users report this strain offers mild, relaxing body effects.


Happy May, Cancer babes! It’s an exciting month for virtually every zodiac, but Water signs will find they are feeling especially zen with all of the Earth sign energy floating around.

On May 2, Venus enters stubborn Aries. Love will be bold and persistent, but remember a little tenderness never hurt. On May 15, your ruler — the moon — is both full and experiencing a lunar eclipse in Scorpio.

This lunation could really be a toss-up for you. In the plus column, it’s in fellow water sign, Scorpio. You might feel an even stronger, positive mental energy. But, this lunation can also be chaotic and directionless. Think of it like a choose your own adventure week. Just … don’t get too wild. Mercury is in retrograde starting May 10.

Things will be wild and free this month. Just like you, beautiful crab.

May strain: You deserve something sweet this May, Crabs. Check out some Mango Kush. This is a classic hybrid strain that packs some heat with 21% THC. This is not the strain to smoke if you’re planning a whirlwind day of work. Then again, you need a chance to kick back. So, pack a bowl of Mango Kush and get busy catching up on all of your favorite shows. Users love this strain for its potency and the nice mix of cerebral effects with a heavy body buzz.

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Spring is here and your ruler, the Sun, is really doing beautiful things out there. You probably feel like a big weight has started to lift lately. On May 2, Venus enters into Aries. Romance is looking promising the first week of the month, so polish up those Tinder profile pics.

On May 10, Jupiter enters into Aries as well. Lots of personal development is within your reach, if you want to grab it. You might benefit from intentionally seeking out a mentor around this time. On May 20, your ruler enters Gemini and we officially begin Twins Season. On May 22, Mercury (in its retrograde dance starting May 10) enters into Taurus. People will be out of sorts and especially stubborn under the control of all the Bull energy. Practice selective hearing and you may find it to be a quiet end to an eventful month.

May strain: This month calls for something sweet and mild for you, Lions. Roll up a joint packed with Guava. This is a sativa strain with 19% THC making this the perfect bud to savor at a party or when you’re doing housework on a Sunday. Users report this strain is great for dissolving tension between the shoulders and for giving them a cerebral boost.


Ah, steady Virgos. May will be a month that both comforts and stretches you, mentally and spiritually. All-in-all, you should feel right at home in the warm embrace of fellow Earth sign, Taurus’ energy.

May 2 kicks things off with Venus entering into Aries. Your romance game will be in tip-top shape so bust out all of your best one-liners and polish up your Tinder profile if you’re single and looking to mingle.

Then, a curveball: Mercury (your ruler) goes into retrograde on May 10. If anyone is going to feel thrown off by this switch in celestial motion, it’s going to be the Virgos. So, buckle up, buckle down, and stay low. It’s going to be straight chaos for a bit. If you can learn to go with the unpredictable, turbulent moods of those around you, you will literally be unstoppable, Virgo.

Consider this your audition for the role as the “chill friend who doesn’t sweat the little stuff.” If you open yourself up to it, there is so much growth to be had this month.

May strain: May is going to pull you out of your comfort zone, Virgos. Tap into some high powers with Critical Mass. This is indica strain offers 18% THC for a mild yet respectable high. Users report this strain helps them get creative — and creativity is something you’ll be craving this month. Strap in, spark up, and get ready for the roller coaster.


Happy Spring, Libra. Things are shaping up to be a mixed bag this month. On May 2, Aries gets a visit from Venus. This combination is a power-house development for your love life. Just be sure not to get in deeper than you intend to early in the game.

On May 10, Mercury goes retrograde. Don’t panic! It’s true that air signs can be a little more susceptible to retrogrades, but Mercury goes retrograde in fellow air sign, Gemini. This should provide just enough emotional familiarity to keep you balanced.

On May 24, Mars (your ruler) enters Aries. This bodes very well for both business and finance. You’ll be on top of your decision-making game. Save all big life choices for the end of the month and you should have a smooth finish.

May strain: You’ll be ready to dive into deep waters this month, Libra. Just be sure to get ready with some Shark Shock. Shark Shock is an indica strain with 17% THC, making this a nice companion for a casual day spent with friends or when you have a creative project you want to tackle. Users report this strain is fantastic for taking care of life’s minor aches and pains.

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Happy May, Scorpios! And what a month it will be. Things start with Venus entering Aries on May 2. Romance will be on the brain. Just be sure not to miss any glaring red flags early on. On May 10, Mercury goes retrograde. This is a great time to buckle down and tune out the chaos. There are definitely creative projects you’ve been putting out to pasture that you can focus your energy on.

On May 10, Jupiter also enters Aries. This is a powerful pairing that usually bodes well for both your finances and business. On May 15, there is a full moon and lunar eclipse in your sign! Lucky you. While others might struggle under this particular lunation, you’ll be feeling the power of the darkened night skies. Speak your truth and set intentions around this time. On May 24, Mars (your ruler) enters Aries. This will feel like shotgunning an energy drink. Save all of your major decisions for the end of the month and you should be well on your way to a successful second half of the year.

May strain: Don’t get too wrapped up in your own drama this month, Scorpio. Get some help from some Headband. Taurus season antics call for a hybrid strain like this with a moderate amount of THC (Headband has 19% THC). Users report this strain is well-balanced and offers long-lasting effects.


Spring is really, really here, Sag. The flowers are in bloom and so too will you be this month. On May 2, Venus enters Aries. Be prepared for some spice in your love life during the first week of the month. On May 10, Mercury goes retrograde and your ruler — Jupiter — enters Aries. Woo! What a week this one will be. On the plus side, you’ll be getting plenty of time to turn inward and slow down the clock. It’s all chaos out there anyways, mine as well stay in and work on your passion projects, right?

On May 15, there is a full moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio. You holding on to something? This one will be a rocky ride. This powerful lunation is like a mirror that reflects back all of the things we want to change about ourselves. Don’t get overwhelmed. Keep moving forward, slowly and with intention and you’ll get to where you are going.

On May 24, Mars enters Aries and we are once again living in a Ram’s world. This time, though, it will be a pairing that bodes well for your work and finances. Save all your major decisions for the end of the month and June should have a much smoother road to coast.

May strain: Stop and smell the flowers this month, Sagittarius. Yeah, it’s cheesy, cliched advice but there are so many benefits to taking some time to be in the moment. SAGE is one such flower you can stop and smell … and smoke. This is a hybrid strain with 17% THC and a delicious, spicy aroma. Users report it is ideal for times when you need a happy mental boost.


May is here and you’re going to be a powerhouse this month, Cap. On May 2, Aries receives a visit from the delightful Venus. Romantic endeavors will be especially successful under this pairing so get working on those dating app one-liners. Nothing too corny — find the right funny note and you’ll attract a good crowd.

On May 10, Mercury goes retrograde. Sure, this is chaos in a bottle, but Earth signs are prepared for just about anything and you should fare well. Plus, your ruler Saturn is in direct motion this month.

On May 15, there is a full moon (lunar eclipse) in Scorpio. This is an absolute powerhouse of a lunation. Many will feel out of sorts under the eclipse. Don’t panic. These vibes are short-lived. On May 20, we enter Gemini season. You’ll be at your peak in terms of charm, don’t waste it on the wrong people and you’ll be set up for a successful June.

May strain: You’ll be tapping into your inner power this month. Make sure you’re connected with some 503 Wifi. This is a high-THC sativa strain (24%) geared towards the advanced user. New users should proceed with caution. It’s a favorite among those looking to open their minds up and get some creativity flowing through their veins.

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Hold on to your hats in May! You’re in for a lot of growth this month, Aquarius. Air signs will be the group to struggle the most under all of the stubborn, stable energy that Taurus season brings to the table. But there are some pluses, too. On May 2, Aries gets a visit from the sensual Venus. This bodes well for your love life. Be ready to field a date request from a surprising source. Your ruler, Uranus, is also in direct motion this month, which means you should be feeling pretty untethered (in a good way).

On May 10, Mercury goes retrograde. Another wave slapping against the ol’ Aquarius ship, but don’t panic. You’re an air sign, and if anyone can handle the chaos and ever-changing emotional scenery a retrograde brings, it’s you. On May 20, we begin Gemini season.

You’ll start to feel at home again in the warm embrace of fellow air sign, Gemini. Finally, There is a new moon in Gemini on May 30. Another chance for you to evaluate what’s serving you this year and what isn’t. This can be people, jobs, places, etc. Take some time for yourself to sort it all out.

May strain: You’ll be speeding towards a better you this month, Aquarius. Get there a little quicker with some Mac 1. This is a hybrid strain with 21% THC and a lovely citrus aroma that soothes the nerves as you spark up. Plus, users report the buds looks gorgeous. Which never hurts.


Hey, Pisces. It’s May and this month will feature some ups and downs in the roller coaster for you. It all starts with Aries getting a visit from Venus on May 2. Love and romance will be at the forefront of your mind and things should be running pretty smooth in those departments. Then, Mercury goes retrograde on May 10. Things will definitely get chaotic in this celestial churn. Just don’t take anything anyone says, personally. Seriously. Just remember people will be operating from their most basic instincts while Mercury does her little backward dance.

Your ruler, Neptune, is in direct motion this month, which is great news. And another plus is that Water signs tend to fare very well during Earth sign seasons. You’ll likely find the Taurus energy to be both reassuring and grounding.

On May 15, there is a full moon (lunar eclipse) in Scorpio. The self-reflection vibes will be especially strong during the middle of the month. Finally, things wrap up with a new moon in Gemini on May 30. Things will begin to settle and even get a little playful under this dark night sky. Enjoy the lingering days of spring before summer arrives.

May strain: You’re really good at taking the sweet with the sour, Fishes. But, you deserve a little something extra sweet this month. Try out some Apple Fritter. This is a 25% THC hybrid strain — meaning this bud isn’t for the light smoker. If you’re someone who can handle the heat, Apple Fritter is known for its devilishly sweet aroma and earthy flavor. Plus, Users report the effects hit fast and hard between the eyes.

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Happy May, Aries! The month starts with Venus entering your sign on May 2, meaning things get passionate in the early weeks of the month. On May 10, Mercury goes retrograde. Be prepared to guard your mental energy from useless drama and petty disagreements.

On May 10, Jupiter also enters your sign. Lots of personal growth in the middle of the month. Gentle body movement might be your friend around this time — whatever “gentle movement” means to you is more than enough movement! There is a full moon on May 15 in Scorpio, and on May 24 Mars enters your sign as well. Your gut will be giving you especially strong instructions at the end of the month and you would be wise to listen to what it is trying to tell you.

May strain: Don’t let the name turn you off, Alien Asshat is a delightful hybrid strain with an impressive 22% THC. You might find yourself orbiting space after a few hits. Users love it for its potency and the delicious, fruity aromas.

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