Oregon Marijuana Jobs: Progressive Positions in Cannabis

oregon marijuana jobs

The allure of the west coast has never been stronger for lovers of cannabis. Oregon is one of the recent states to not only offer medical marijuana products to patients, but recreational marijuana to adults 21 years and older. This development is an exceptional opportunity for economic growth in the Beaver State, with high levels of taxation stimulating Oregon’s economy and increasing Oregon marijuana jobs and encouraging sustainable careers.

The Cannabusiness Today

Oregon marijuana jobs are drawing current residents and individuals throughout the country to bustling meccas like Portland, but a major cause for excitement are the financial contributions the cannabis industry is having on smaller municipalities all around Southern Oregon, Coastal Oregon and more! The state, which boasts gorgeous natural wonders and a progressive atmosphere is an ideal setting for an industry with so much potential to thrive.

Oregon Marijuana Jobs Across the State

As the arms of the cannabis industry extend further and further into popular culture, an unlimited offering of potential jobs are becoming increasingly available to Oregonians. Customer service opportunities in dispensaries, farming jobs in growing, and trimming marijuana jobs are being pursued in incredible numbers, opening up questions as to where and how to start seeking employment.

Do you fancy yourself a marijuana expert? A cannabis aficionado? Perhaps you’ve been waiting years to make your way into the business but never knew how. If you’re tired of hitting dead ends in your Oregon marijuana jobs search, it helps to take it from the top with some background on what careers Oregon has to offer as well as what potential employers are looking for.

What Can I Do?

After personally scouring online job seeking sites like Craigslist in hopes of discovering an untapped oasis of dispensary openings, I can attest that the process of finding Oregon marijuana jobs can be discouraging at first. It seems like there are few resources specifically tailored to this demographic of job seekers, so it can be hard to gauge what to expect from businesses and what qualifications are necessary to successfully pursue a job lead.

Alternative Marijuana Jobs

I’d like to bring up the concept of careers outside of budtending and growing that are just as integral to the cannabis industry as a whole. Perhaps you are looking for a career outside of the service industry, or you feel unqualified for growing or trimming. Luckily, more opportunities for “alternative” Oregon marijuana jobs are cropping up. With so much competition over a relatively small area, businesses are looking to compete with one another and require media and marketing professionals to help separate their business from the pack.

Glass Merchants and Artists

Artisan glass blowers, apparel designers and concentrate makers benefit from a developing appreciation for cannabis. Visit any dispensary and you will most likely see a tiered assortment of marijuana flower ranging from “low to high” prices reflecting THC and CBD content, specific strain differences and growing practices.

Interested marijuana consumers who are looking for the best products and willing to pay more for them are helping to contribute to alternative careers that thrive on artistry, such as the creation of high end paraphernalia, quality concentrates and unique, tasty edibles. Consuming marijuana is both a solo and social activity for many, so consumers are actively seeking out products that will produce the best effect. Marijuana culture also influences customers to purchase beautiful pipes and other pieces that are as much centerpieces as they are smoking devices.


Such hikes in enthusiasm toward cannabis also boost opportunities for development in the publishing industry. Marijuana reviewers who treat the substance like a sommelier would treat a fine wine, use their knowledge of cannabis and their skills are a writer to draw in readers unsure of what strain to purchase. Online and print magazines and other publications are a huge source of interest for cannabis connoisseurs. Magazines have capitalized not only on offering original content, but on interviews with industry professionals, celebrities and professional athletes.

Cannabis has a long and important history in music and the arts in general, making it a no-brainer why many famous marijuana users agree to appear in publications.

Events and Freelance Jobs

Cannabis events and competitions are a source of economic stimulus as well, bringing farms, dispensaries, vendors and consumers together in one space with plenty opportunity for sales, cross promotion and advertising.

Many examples of positions like those listed above are obtainable as a freelancer, if you have not experienced any luck in seeking consistent employment. Being a savvy business person who is up to date on cannabis culture and legislation could help to kickstart a personal business if you are not interested in working for others.

Working in a Dispensary

With all this in mind, it is expected that many Oregon marijuana job seekers are dead set on acquiring a dispensary job as a budtender or receptionist. Below offers some information on how to make your application and interview stand out from others.

  • If you have any experience working in the marijuana industry, be it hands-on or an associated position, make sure to highlight this when approaching employers! From personal experience speaking directly with dispensary employers, it is not mandatory to have a cannabis background, but it can only help you. Regardless of professional credentials, be sure to confidently convey any knowledge of and passion for cannabis that you do have during your interview. Most people applying to dispensaries do so because they love and truly believe in the product.
  • Customer service is key. Time and time again when talking to dispensary managers or owners, they default to reiterating the importance of offering great service, no matter what “experience” level the cannabis consumer has. Valid training as a server, bartender, or barista can be very attractive to employers as it shows an ability to work under pressure and a focus on distributing a specific product.
  • Cash handling skills are also essential. No business owner wants to lose money or accidentally overcharge loyal customers, so budtenders are required to be keen and organized to ensure a balanced drawer.
  • Punctuality is often something I include when discussing budtender “qualifications.” It may seem obvious, but consistency and dependability are integral to any service job, as your ability to show up on time every day ensure your co-workers won’t need to pick up your slack.

I do not profess to know what every dispensary hiring manager is looking for in applicants; however, anecdotal and time-tested experiments when applying to marijuana dispensaries in Oregon show some consistent traits and credentials that appear most attractive to employers.

As the cannabis industry continues to broaden and specialize in a competitive environment, time will tell what characteristics make the most successful dispensary workers and the most profitable dispensaries.

Future of Oregon Marijuana Jobs

One of the likely developments that can already be seen on a small scale in Oregon is a growing corporate sector of marijuana distribution and dispensaries. Small businesses are not only facing stringent, time consuming legislation, but a potentially stifling corporate overtake of recreational marijuana sales especially. Perhaps for the more particular smoker, or for medical patients, independent dispensaries will continue to be the standard for artisanal, high quality products, whereas corporate dispensaries may capitalize off of tourism (the novelty of marijuana) as well as off of cannabis users who are looking for a quick, cheap product.

Whatever does happen in the future, having an open mind about the possibilities of this industry will help to create a greater space for employment opportunities and make the process of job seeking a more confident one.

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