Portland Marijuana Dispensary Receptionist Jobs: Cannabis in the City of Roses

Portland Marijuana Dispensary Receptionist Jobs

Portland, Oregon has earned its place as a major marijuana hotspot of the pacific northwest. Recent recreational cannabis legalization has ushered in an even greater concentration of passionate potheads than before. On virtually every major roadway in the City of Roses, you can sniff out a cannabis dispensary only blocks away. A thriving cannabis culture that includes marijuana-centric articles written in the Portland Mercury and Willamette Week, as well as an exploding millennial population have increased demand for Portland marijuana dispensary receptionist jobs.

Portland Marijuana Dispensary Receptionist Jobs: An Overview

These developments have led to an influx in medical/recreational dispensaries throughout the city, as well as an eager pool of applicants looking to work in the soon to be multi-billion dollar industry. As stigma surrounding medical and personal use of marijuana subsides, more opportunities for work is sparking fierce competition for entry level marijuana dispensary jobs in Portland.

Despite being “entry-level,” Portland marijuana dispensary receptionist jobs are not easily attainable. Dispensary managers are charged with selecting only the most experienced, personable applicants from group, making it imperative for candidates to highlight only their most relevant skills and traits.

Portland marijuana dispensary receptionist jobs are a source of major interest for applicants with a background in administrative work, who also have enthusiasm toward the marijuana industry. Though this position may seem pretty straightforward, it is critical not to underestimate its importance in a dispensary’s operation.

Receptionist Responsibilities

Receptionists are often the first person you’ll see upon entering a marijuana dispensary. These employees are naturally responsible for administrative duties associated with the daily ins and outs of operating a successful business. As customers enter the dispensary, receptionists help guide patients through the process of submitting proper identification, after which they queue and direct the customers to a budtender.

Receptionists must be able to effectively process and store customer information in online databases. Since Oregon’s regulation of marijuana dispensaries is stringent, receptionists are required to maintain focus and be detail oriented throughout a shift in order to help the dispensary properly comply with state and city legislation.

Receptionists are responsible for communicating directly with customers throughout a shift, as well as communicating effectively via email or phone in response to customer or business-related queries. Additionally, they help to assist dispensary managers and budtenders by filling in any areas that require attention.

Receptionist Qualifications

Portland marijuana dispensary receptionist jobs require friendly, focused and attentive administrators and customer servers. Receptionists must be comfortable completing office work related tasks; proficiency using spreadsheet and word processing software, as well as a variety of POS systems is a desirable skill.

It comes as no surprise that experience working in the cannabis industry is a major asset to any dispensary application. Having an in-depth knowledge of cannabis products, culture and legislation is important in maintaining a dispensary’s educated staff. There is a lot of crossover in Portland between reception and budtending, so having an extensive knowledge of marijuana can help in creating opportunities for working directly with marijuana products.

Another aspect of what dispensary managers are looking for when hiring for Portland marijuana dispensary receptionist jobs is reliability. Having a consistent employee who shows up for every scheduled shift on time allows dispensary operations to run smoothly.

Receptionist Compensation

Pay for Portland marijuana dispensary receptionist jobs start at minimum wage and range to about twelve dollars hourly. Though base pay for this position may not be huge, there are opportunities for increased wages based on consistency and promotions to other positions like budtending.

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Pros/Cons of Portland Marijuana Dispensary Receptionist Jobs

Like any position, there are pros and cons to working a Portland marijuana dispensary receptionist job, but the good appears to easily outweigh the bad. On the one hand, the job can be tedious and a bit repetitive at times, yet there is always opportunity to meet new people. For individuals who don’t enjoy sitting for long periods of time on the computer, this job may not be for you. Receptionists work a dual position in office work and customer service, so lots of time is spent on behind a screen.

A major positive element of working a Portland marijuana dispensary receptionist job is joining part of a tight knit community of passionate cannabis enthusiasts. Dispensaries have a major draw as they offer not only the opportunity for legal sale of cannabis products, but also the opportunity to talk freely about medical and personal cannabis use. For many dispensary workers, marijuana plays a role in their lifestyle and dispensaries allow for employees not to feel paranoid or ashamed of using cannabis products in their free time.

Another benefit of dispensary work is the employee discount! Most Portland dispensaries offer reduced rates on cannabis products, which is a huge incentive for most workers. Though recreational cannabis users can’t consume marijuana on site during shifts, dispensaries support an employee’s decision to use marijuana products at home.

How Do I Get a Receptionist Job?

When pursuing Portland marijuana dispensary receptionist jobs, there are a number of factors to consider. Firstly, determine which dispensaries you will apply to. If you are a regular customer to one or more dispensaries, you may want to inquire at these businesses first. Anything that helps you stand out from such a huge crowd of applicants helps to at very least get your application noticed.

For better or worse, knowing people in the industry helps to give yourself some personal insurance when employers are trying to decide who they can trust to work for them. If your favorite dispensaries aren’t hiring, feel free to ask your receptionist or budtender if they have any advice or suggestions based on their application experience. Odds are they will have some viable knowledge about the process based on their successful application.

As far as resume and cover letters go, remember the daily responsibilities a receptionist encounters. Highlight your experience both in data entry and office work, as well as your customer service ability. Also, be sure to include any and all marijuana industry experience, great or small. To stand out, craft a succinct cover letter that delineates what personal and professional qualities make you the most fit applicant for that position.

If selected to interview for Portland marijuana receptionist jobs, come prepared! Do your best to have an overview of Portland cannabis legislation and dispensary regulations. Ask the hiring manager questions about how the dispensary is set up and what a typical day looks like. It will also benefit you and the employer to ask what sets this particular dispensary apart from others? What is it about the products and business that they are personally proud of? Displaying your active interest in the job and clear passion for cannabis will inform the employer that you are a serious applicant.

Largely, dispensary managers and owners are seeking employees that are reliable, knowledgeable and friendly people. When choosing a new member of a work team, managers are looking to find someone who will only improve and sustain a successful work atmosphere.

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Get Out There!

Despite competition, there will surely be more opportunities opening up for Portland marijuana dispensary receptionist jobs due to the relatively quick turnover of the service industry. In order to secure a position, be diligent in your research and apply to a number of different businesses to improve your chances. Discover not only where you can get hired, but where you want to work!

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