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When you hear its name, you might think the Rocket Fuel weed strain would energize and inspire you, sending your thoughts far into outer space. Ironically, it does the opposite; it grounds users in a cozy feeling of wellness and relaxation. Still, you might find your thoughts soaring into the cosmos.

This strain is an Indica-heavy hybrid; nearly 85% of its genes are Indica. It is moderately potent with 20% THC, making it approachable for newcomers yet strong enough for regular users. Although its exact origins are not certain, one of its parents is NYC Diesel, a beloved hybrid from Soma Sacred Seeds. The NYC Diesel parent contributes to the effects of calm and sedation that are hallmarks of this strain. Many think the strain originated from Short Stuff Seedbank, which is located in Spain, but this is not 100% confirmed.

Sativa/Indica %Indoor YieldOutdoor YieldFlowering Period
15%/85%Above averageAbove average70 days indoors, 10-12 weeks outdoors

In this Rocket Fuel strain review, we will go over the effects, the flavors, and some tips for growing this strain in particular. Keep reading for all you need to know about this delightful strain.

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Information about Rocket Fuel Strain:

ADVERSE REACTIONSSensory distortion
FRAGRANCEChemical scent, fruity, sweet, candy-like, berry
FLAVORSDiesel, nutty, pine, sweet, herbal
INDICA / SATIVA %85%/15%
INDOOR YIELDAbove average
OUTDOOR YIELDAbove average

* 10 is the highest
* 1 is the lowest


When you first try Rocket Fuel, your mind will go crazy – in a really good way. You’ll feel motivated and concentrated. You may even find that you can even be productive or creative because of it. This supreme focus can be really useful. Just remember, this typically occurs during the early stages of the high rather than the later stages, so plan accordingly.

The first part of the high is all in your head, while the latter part is more in the body. After your intense focus or spurt of creativity, you will settle into a calmer, more relaxed state. This is the perfect time to sit down and simply feel at peace with the world.

Rocket Fuel Strain Effects
Rocket Fuel Strain Effects

It’s important to remember that this physical side will kick in a little later. It will make the whole “being creative and productive” idea a little more complicated. Plan ahead if you are aiming to take advantage of Rocket Fuel weed’s buzzy creative effects.

The same goes for those planning to have a social evening. It’s a good idea to take advantage of those exciting brain waves early on in the high (including the giggles and euphoria). However, don’t forget that you probably won’t feel as pumped about socializing a little later on in the high.

Another point worth noting is that it can be a bit of a heavy smoke for new users. If you’re new and unprepared, you might end up coughing a fair amount. Heavy users won’t have a problem, of course.

The most common therapeutic uses for this strain include chronic pain, a lack of appetite, falling asleep, depression, anxiety, and trouble focusing. People describe its bodily effects as a kind of “numbing” feeling. They also describe an increase in appetite and a sense of calm. Relaxation and creativity are also highlights of this strain, as mentioned already. People with conditions such as migraines or headaches, ADHD, or eating disorders will likely enjoy the appetite-stimulating effects, the focused effects, and the muscle relaxing and pain-relieving effects of this strain.


The fragrance of Rocket Fuel weed is strong, harkening back to its Diesel roots. It is strong smelling before you even light up, putting into display how potent it really is. Once it begins to burn, you will uncover other aromas in addition to that first chemical scent. Fruit-like, sweet undertones are particularly noticeable, sometimes in a sugary or candy-like way.

This combination makes for an enjoyable smoke. You may even pick up on some additional, more surprising scents, such as berries. It’s a complex palate for your nose to enjoy.

I grew Rocket Fuel seeds last season and it was perfect for my indoor setup as it didn’t take a lot of space. I enjoyed bountiful orange, frosty flowers after just 70 days! Find seeds similar to Rocket Fuel at our marijuana seed bank.

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When you are finished smelling the fragrance and are ready to enjoy Rocket Fuel weed strain‘s actual flavor, you will be pleasantly surprised. This strain has numerous notable flavors. Like the aroma, the first flavors you’ll get is a noticeable diesel. This is pleasantly layered with spices and sweetness to dampen and calm the sharp Diesel tones.

Upon inhaling, the subtler notes will be noticeable. This includes a warm nuttiness and pine flavor, exhaled with a sweet, herbal one. The aftertaste is particularly enjoyable, leaving a sweet, warm flavor and none of the initially strong Diesel flavor you started with.

Adverse Reactions

Because the effects of Rocket Fuel are so cerebral initially, it can be a lot to handle for some people. There have been reports of sensory distortion, for example. No, the room really isn’t that loud. These effects are better handled if you’re aware of them, so just keep in mind that it could get a bit weird during your first try of this strain.

Rocket Fuel Strain Adverse Reactions
Rocket Fuel Strain Adverse Reactions

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The seeds for this strain are easy to find online but check the sources and reviews before ordering because many different sellers are offering it. Even the percentages of Indica/Sativa can vary, so definitely do your homework.

Growing Rocket Fuel marijuana plants is easy partly because it will happily grow both indoors and outdoors. In an environment that is fairly humid with predictable temperatures, this could be an excellent outdoor strain.

Growing Rocket Fuel Strain
Growing Rocket Fuel Strain

Indoor growers will appreciate the fact that these plants do not grow tall but rather wide. That means you won’t need a lot of space. Keep them trimmed and trained, and don’t let them get too bushy because it can quickly get out of hand.

If you’re a patient grower, you will have no problem coaxing this strain into a lovely harvest. It is easy to grow, but it takes some time. Give it more time than the typical marijuana plant to get to the point of harvesting. The yield is bountiful, though, so do not despair; it’s worth the wait.

One of my favorite weed strains are those that produce high yields and are perfect for deep relaxation. You should really check out our online seed shop for Indica seeds!

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Flowering Time


When growing indoors, pay attention to your environment. Your plants should flower in about 70 days. Expect dense buds with threads of orange and frosty, amber-colored trichomes.


You can usually harvest outdoor Rocket Fuel plants in the earlier part of the fall. Allow between 10 and 12 weeks for your plants to reach maturity. Time your growing so that your plants are harvested before the first snow.


  1. NYC Diesel

FAQ About Rocket Fuel Strain

What is the Rocket Fuel strain yield?

Rocket Fuel produces above-average yields when planted indoors or outdoors.

How much THC does Rocket Fuel have?

It contains up to 20% THC.

What are the origins of the Rocket Fuel strain?

Rocket Fuel was created from NYC Diesel.

Have you ever smoked or grown your own Rocket Fuel? Please let me know what you think about this marijuana strain in the comments below.

Happy growing,


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