Star signs and cannabis strains: August 2022 horoscopes


Hello Stargazers and welcome to another month of smoking under the stars! Can you believe it is August already? Maybe you’re ready for spooky fall nights, maybe you want to keep sweating in the heat. You do you this month.

The month heats up first with Mercury entering steady Virgo on August 3. Bright ideas and fastidious commitment to your goals will be the early highlights of August. On August 11, there is a full moon in Aquarius. August 20 features Mars entering party sign, Gemini.

Lots of creative flow going on in the later part of the month. Finally, there is a new moon in Virgo on August 27. So kick back with your fruity drink and bid the season ado with style and grace.

Your August horoscope


Happy August, Lions! This month isn’t going to be all that chaotic for you. Nice, right? On August 3, things kick off with Mercury entering into Virgo. Mercury being one of Virgo’s rulers makes this a balanced, if not a little boring, celestial pairing. Take the first week of the month to catch up on your favorite shows. Kick your feet up.

On August 11, there is a full moon in Aquarius. Your wackiest and wildest ideas will be your brightest around this time. Lean into them. On August 11, Venus also enters into your sign. Your love life will be on fire in the best possible way. Make your intentions clear. Invest in rekindling romantic partnerships that have started to fizzle. It’ll be worth your time.

On August 22, the sun (your faithful ruler) will enter into Virgo. Balance will be plentiful at the end of the month; just don’t let your fire go out trying to get every little detail of your life right. Focus on the big picture for the rest of the year.

August strain: Looking for something fruity and buzzy without alcohol in it? Tropical Punch is calling your name. This hybrid strain has a modest 17% THC, making it the perfect bud to bring along to a fun gathering outdoors or inside where you can beat the heat. Users report this strain is great for kickbacks and casual afternoons on the couch.


Happy Birthday, Virgos! This is your month in the sun. There will be balance! Open communication! Attention to detail! All the things you love and adore about life. On August 3, Mercury (your ruler) enters your sign. Things will start to feel synergistic early in the month. Lean into this, and your best ideas will start to pour out of you like a sieve.

On August 11, there is a full moon in Aquarius and Venus enters into sunny Leo. There will be a delightful mix of passion and creativity in the middle of the month. Pick up a new artistic medium. You might be surprised to find you take to it readily.

On August 22, we officially begin Virgo season. While it’s true Virgos tend to be among the most humble of the zodiac signs, now is not the time to step out of the spotlight. You deserve all the praise and accolades for your hard work this year, Maidens.

August strain: Fresh Water Taffy lets you enjoy the tastes of summer without getting your hands too sticky. This hybrid strain is very mellow and offers great body effects, according to users. That makes it the ideal companion for a day spent on the couch watching your favorite childhood summer movies. Heck, make it a marathon. Treat yourself!


Well, this summer flew by, didn’t it Libra? This month will also feel like driving in the fast lane. On August 3, Mercury enters earthy Virgo. Prioritize making lists and planning ahead. On August 11, Venus (your ruler) enters into fiery Leo for a bit of spice and passion. Venus is also in direct motion this month, meaning your love life should be rock solid through August.

On August 24, Uranus enters retrograde in stubborn Taurus. Uranus, known as the planet of innovation and enlightenment will be … doing a lot less of that for you in 2022. So, be wary of any investment or idea that seems too good to be true. It probably is. On August 27, there is a new moon in Virgo. Celebrate peace and harmony under this lunation. Things will be fairly settled in your interpersonal relationships heading into September.

August strain: The summer is winding down. Extend it a little with some Hot Cakes. This hybrid strain has garden aromas and a creative buzz. Users report this strain is great for insomnia (How about a little summer nap?) and has a great taste. Wipe away the day’s muscle tension and pour yourself something fruity. Enjoy the summer sun while it lasts.

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Summer is wrapping up, Scorpions. Be ready for a fairly peaceful month ahead. On August 3, Mercury enters Virgo. Grounded Virgo will distill any restlessness you’ve been feeling about your current location. For now, it appears you are right where you need to be. On August 7, Mars (your ruler) in Taurus square Saturn in Aquarius will present an opportunity to focus on goal-setting for the rest of the year.

On August 11, there is a full moon in Aquarius. Again, there’s no better time to decide where you want to spend your energy for the rest of 2022. Is it work? Artistic endeavors? Personal relationships? Do some journaling to tap into your deepest desires. On August 20, Mars enters into partying Gemini. Throw an end-of-summer get-together with your friends. Make new memories and celebrate the people you love.

August strain: Did you go to the summer fair as a kid? Miss it? Harken back to those simpler times with some Cotton Candy. This hybrid strain has a moderate 19% THC. This bud has euphoric effects and a relaxing buzz that will keep you in your seat. Put on a summer soundtrack and kick back.


Summer days are numbered, Sags. Be sure to soak up what is left of the season this month. On August 3, Mercury enters Virgo. You’ll kick things off feeling very grounded. Flex your decision-making muscle. On August 11, Venus enters into sunny Leo. The planet of passion in the sign of fire will do exactly what you imagine it to do for your love life. Just be sure to save some of that passion in the tank for the long haul.

On August 18, Venus in Leo trine Jupiter (your ruler) in Aries also turns up the heat where romance is concerned. Grand gestures will work best in the middle of the month. On August 20, Mars enters Gemini. Things will be slightly chaotic in your inner circle. Don’t sweat over other people’s problems. Focus on your own intentions this month and come fall you’ll be a whole new person.

August strain: We spend part of the month in Leo season, and the sun shines on. Honor your Lion friends with a bowl full of Sun Cake. This is a hybrid strain with an impressive 20% THC, which makes this a bud to bust into when you’re planning a day of Netflix and Chill. Users report it has an earthy taste and a very strong body buzz. It only takes a small amount to get routine users going.


Happy August, Caps! Thanks to all the Earth-sign energy going around this month, things will be pretty grounded. August 3 kicks things off with Mercury entering Virgo. Sweet, predictable Virgo won’t exactly bring the heat to your personal relationships, but you will notice the small things that make those around you tick. Use this to show your appreciation to those who have treated you well this year.

On August 11, there is a full moon in Aquarius. Bold, creative ideas are yours for the taking. Just don’t let your passion projects wither on the vine. Keep some of that motivation in your back pocket for when you truly need it. On August 26, Venus in Leo square Uranus in Taurus will bring a little heat to your romantic entanglements. Treat your partner to a night on the town. On August 27, there is a new moon in Virgo. More earth energy to round out the month under a dark night sky.It’s true what they say — virtually anything is possible if you put your mind to it, Capricorns.

August strain: While it’s a bit of a misnomer that the best time to surf is summer (waves are the best in winter), you can still be a surfer in your heart. Roll a J with some Silver Surfer inside. This is a sativa-dominant hybrid with 19% THC. This strain is considered medical quality, so it works best for patients looking to bust up aches and pains. New users and new patients who experience anxiety should be cautious.

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Happy Last Days of Summer, Aquarius! Your desire for autonomy shines bright this month. On August 3, Mercury enters Virgo. This is a very well-matched pair that will have you setting intentions and making long-range goals. In other words: you’ll have balance in spades the first week of the month.

On August 20, Mars enters into partying Gemini. While you might not be at your most reliable around this time, you will be at peak social levels, so be sure to soak up time with friends before the season is truly over.

On August 24, Uranus (your ruler) enters into a retrograde in bull-headed Taurus. Uranus is known as the planet of innovation, so maybe think twice before investing any cash or energy into sketchy ideas. Finally, there is a new moon in Virgo on August 27. Hone in on your least favorite traits with self-compassion and a willingness to work on things. If you do this, September is destined to be successful for you.

August strain: Grab the reef and get yourself some Tasty Waves. This is a hybrid strain with a tidal 23% THC. Do not expect to be writing Shakespeare after you smoke this bud. You’ll be lucky to have the capacity to write your own name. So, kick your feet up on the couch and find that nostalgic movie that takes you back to your favorite childhood summer. Treat yourself.


The summer months can be hard on gentle Pisces. With so much going on, you’ve probably been craving some alone time to recharge your social battery. The good news is you’ll get that in spades this month with all of the Earth-sign energy floating around. On August 3, Mercury enters grounded Virgo. Set your intentions and remain committed to them for the rest of the month.

On August 11, there is a full moon in Aquarius. Paint a picture of your future. Yes, literally. Or draw it. Visualization will help you determine if your goals are realistic or not. Also on August 11, Mars in Taurus sextile Neptune (your ruler) in Pisces brings out the best in our romantic entanglements. Grand gestures will be very well received in the middle of the month. Neptune is in retrograde this month, which may make you feel a little disconnected from your spiritual self.

On August 27, there is a new moon. Things end on a positive note this month, with a lunation that calls attention to our biggest flaws with self-empathy and determination to become the best version of ourselves.

August strain: The days still feel pretty endless, don’t they? Bring on a sleepy, nighttime buzz with the buttery, irresistible Endless Sky. This is a great indica strain for those who struggle to fall asleep quickly. Users report good potency and a delicious, pie-like taste.

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Summer is breezing by, Rams. Though, this month will still bring the heat. On August 3, Mercury enters into Virgo. Virgo is ruled by Mercury so this celestial combination will bring both balance and a desire to create a productive working environment. Clean your home office or your cubicle at the beginning of the month to set your intentions.

On August 11, there will be a full moon in Aquarius. This is an incredibly creative and self-motivating lunation. Get laser-focused on your artistic endeavors. On August 11, Venus also enters Leo. Romance will feel smooth like butter. Focus on building a foundation of trust with your partner in the middle of the month. You ruler, Mars, is in direct motion in August.

On August 20, Mars enters into fun-loving Gemini and stays there until 2023. Interpersonal relationships will feel like more work. People will ghost you, only to reappear 3 months later. Just focus on what is important for your personal growth the rest of the year. You’ll be glad you did come 2023.

August strain: Summertime Squeeze is a sativa with arousing effects and earthy tea aromas. Users love it for its high-energy buzz that pairs perfectly with a day spent in nature. Users report this strain is deceivingly strong, so new users beware!

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Happy August, Bulls. This month will feel like it’s moving at warp speed for you. On August 3, Mercury enters Virgo. Fellow Earth sign, Virgo, will bring out the most balanced qualities in you. Lend your expertise to someone who needs it.

On August 11, your ruler Venus enters sunny Leo. Hone in on the little things your partner loves and make them feel seen. It’s what you do best. On August 20, Mars enters Gemini and remains there until 2023. You might not get your brightest ideas during the last part of the year, but they’ll certainly be your most fun ideas. Time to plan parties and see friends before winter sets in. On August 22, we enter Virgo season. You’ll feel almost suspiciously balanced. Don’t worry; trust the process. If you’ve been meaning to shake loose flighty or unavailable friends, this is the time to do it. Focus on intentions and setting boundaries for the rest of 2022.

August strain: Summer Breeze Isn’t just Seals & Croft’s biggest hit — it’s also an incredible hybrid strain. With enticing flowery aromas and a euphoric buzz, this strain is a hit with those looking to break up the stresses of the day. Roll a Summer Breeze joint and take it to a park. You never know where the adventure will take you from there.   


Nothing fuels fire quiet like air, Gems. And this is a month of fire. Passion! On August 3, Mercury enters Virgo. So, things start off a little more reserved. Energies will be balanced. Don’t let this slow burn fool you — things pick up steam the following week. On August 11, Venus enters into sun-loving Leo. Your romantic intentions will be like a smoke signal. You won’t be able to hide your true feelings for long, so why not embrace it under the celestial pairing of Leo and the planet of love?

On August 20, Mars enters Gemini. This is when the party starts! Don’t expect to be coming up with any Nobel-Prize-winning ideas around this time. But, you will be a solid party planner around this time, so bust loose a little and get together with the people you love. On August 27, there is a new moon in Virgo. This lunation is earthy and grounded. So, all that fire you’ve been feeling in your belly will dull to a simmer. You’ll start to see clearly which of your relationships are fueled by passion, and which are meant to stick around for the long haul.

August strain: There are few summers quite like the Seattle Summer. Users report the taste is fruity without being overbearing. It also offers a creative, happy buzz that pairs well with a day spent at the beach or taking a hike in the woods. Bring along this strain to enter a positive, earthy mindset.


Things are starting to wind down for 2022, Cancers. This month will feel like a week spent in a remote cabin: maybe a little isolating, but the clarity you get will more than make the time alone worthwhile. On August 3, Mercury enters Virgo. Earthy Virgo promises balance and the opportunity to find compassion for yourself. You’re human, Crabs! Never forget it.

On August 11, your ruler, the moon, will be in Aquarius. This is a powerful, artistic lunation. It calls on you to bring your wackiest, most out-there ideas to fruition. You might even shock yourself with how well your weirdest concepts turn out. On August 20, Mars enters Gemini. Air and water often struggle to mix, so Airy Gemini might feel a little grating on your personal relationships. Remember, you’re focused on your own intentions anyways. On August 27, there is a new moon in grounded Virgo. Take this chance to assess who belongs in your inner circle. You are worth consideration, Crabs.

August strain: Tropical Heat brings just what its name implies — HEAT. With a whopping 25% THC, this is not a strain to smoke before visiting grandma (or maybe that’s your family’s thing). This bud is a hybrid but hits like an indica, offering a mellow, sleepy buzz. It’s the perfect companion to take with you to the beach or a park. Just be sure to lather on that sunscreen because you might take an unexpected nap in the sun.

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