Star signs and cannabis strains: July 2023 horoscopes


Hey there, Zodiac friends! Get ready for a stellar July, infused with the magical energy of Cancer season. The sun entering Cancer sets the stage for a month of introspection—a shift that brings a heightened sense of emotional awareness and deep connection to our inner selves.

For the water signs, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, this month comes especially charged with a surge of intuition and creativity. Embrace the nurturing vibes of Cancer season as you cultivate self-care rituals and explore the healing properties of cannabis. Whether it’s a soothing indica strain for relaxation or a creative sativa blend to spark inspiration, cannabis will be your trusted ally in finding emotional balance and unlocking your inner depths throughout July.

But it’s not just the water signs that will feel the cosmic influence. Mars enters Virgo on July 10, Mercury enters Leo July 11, and then joins Mars in Virgo on July 28. Picture Mars and Mercury gracefully swaying in sync, blending their energies to craft heavenly bliss, desire, and a wave of artistic inspiration throughout the Zodiac. This planetary alignment will infuse your summer with a playful and sensual energy, inviting you to explore new strains, experiment with unique cannabis-infused recipes, and engage in creative pursuits.

Your July horoscope


Happy birthday, dear Cancer! As the first water sign in the zodiac, Cancers are known for their nurturing, emotional, and protective natures. Crabs are the masters of creating a cozy atmosphere, wrapping loved ones in a warm hug while knowing exactly what they need before they even say it.

As the Sun illuminates your sign during this joyous season, July brings a heightened sense of self-awareness and personal transformation. The planets align in ways that deeply impact your emotions, self-expression, and connection to the world around you.

With the Sun shining brightly in your sign, embrace your innate nurturing and intuitive nature, Cancer. Trust your instincts and lean into your natural ability to create a harmonious environment for yourself and those around you. The New Moon in your sign on July 17 marks a potent moment for setting intentions and initiating personal growth. 

Take this opportunity to reflect on your goals, dreams, and desires, and consider how you can manifest them with authenticity and compassion. Allow the gentle energies of cannabis to support your self-care routines and foster a deeper connection to your emotions and intuition. Remember, Cancer, this is your time to shine as you embark on a new phase of growth.

July strain: This July, Lavender is your ultimate self-care companion, designed to nurture your sensitive soul and bring tranquility to your world. With its soothing linalool aroma and calming indica effects, Lavender offers a gentle escape from the pressures of everyday life, allowing you to find solace and recharge your emotional batteries.

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Welcome to July, Leo! With Cancer season in full swing, your fiery nature can bask in the nurturing vibes of the Crab. The Sun shines a spotlight on your creativity and romance sector, filling you with a renewed sense of passion and artistic inspiration. Let your inner light shine, Leo, as you embark on new ways to express yourself and connect with others.

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The New Moon in Cancer on July 17 is the perfect opportunity to release any creative blockages and set intentions for your unique talents. This celestial event can also have a positive impact on your romantic relationships, encouraging you to express your love and affection with vulnerability and tenderness.

July strain: You need a strain befitting your regal attitude, Leo. Golden Pineapple is your invitation to indulge in self-care fit for royalty. With its delightful tropical flavors and uplifting effects, this strain is the perfect companion to ignite your creative spark and bring joy to your routine. Allow Golden Pineapple to unleash your inner radiance.

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Happy July, Virgo! As Cancer season envelops the cosmos, July brings a profound focus on your home, family, and emotions. This month ushers in significant planetary shifts that impact your sense of security, self-perception, and connection to your roots.

The Sun invigorates the domestic sector of your chart this month, so create a sanctuary within your living space, Virgo. Pay attention to the needs of your loved ones and take solace in the comfort of your personal haven. The New Moon on July 17 serves as a powerful catalyst for transforming your emotional landscape and setting intentions in your home and family life.

Take the time to engage in deep introspection and release emotional baggage. Let the cosmic energies of July guide you towards solace in the simple pleasures of life.

July strain: Just as you share brunch with your closest friends, Virgo, indulge in a delightful pampering experience this July with Sunday Brunch, the strain that combines relaxation and inspiration in perfect harmony. Let Sunday Brunch stimulate your senses with its uplifting effects and tantalizing flavors of citrus and berry, setting the stage for a serene and rejuvenating journey.  

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July is here, Libra, and with Cancer season in the skies, your communication, self-expression, and intellectual pursuits reign supreme. Get ready for some planetary shifts and sways on your ability to connect with others, express yourself, and find that sweet balance in your relationships.

The Sun ignites the communication sector of your chart, inspiring you to express your thoughts and ideas with grace and compassion. As the planets align, make the most of this cosmic energy by engaging in open and honest conversations; the New Moon in Cancer on July 17 will buoy you with renewed energy.

This month gives you a chance to set intentions for effective communication in your relationships and yourself. So, embrace the nurturing qualities of Cancer, Libra, as you gracefully navigate the social realm with empathy and understanding throughout July. Let your authentic voice be heard to foster joy and harmony to your life.

July strain: A strain that generations have loved, Dutch Treat, makes the perfect companion for your cannabis self-care rituals this July, Libra. With its serene and uplifting qualities—not to mention peppery terpene profile—this strain provides a gentle and introspective experience, allowing you to dive deep into your thoughts and emotions.

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Embrace July, Scorpio! As radiant Cancer takes hold, July brings forth deep introspection of your values, self-worth, and finances. Significant planetary shifts will influence your relationship with material abundance, personal empowerment, and spiritual growth.

With the Sun illuminating the sector of your chart associated with money and possessions, assess your financial goals and cultivate a sense of stability. July 17 and its New Moon will catalyze you setting intentions for material and spiritual wealth. Take this opportunity to delve into your subconscious, Scorpio, and release any limiting beliefs surrounding money and self-worth. 

A mindset of abundance and trust will bolster your ability to manifest prosperity. Allow the cosmic energies of July to guide you towards financial and spiritual empowerment to establish harmony between material and emotional wealth.

July strain: Mimosa will be your treat this July—the perfect strain for indulgent Scorpios. The delightful aroma and flavor notes of citrus and sweet berries will ease you into relaxation and rejuvenation. Let Mimosa’s uplifting and euphoric effects wash away the stress and bring harmony to your mind, body, and soul, allowing you to dive deep into self-reflection and emerge stronger than ever.

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Greetings, Sagittarius! July is here, and Cancer season in full swing will gear you up for a profound journey of introspection. This month brings some exciting changes to your sense of identity, personal growth, and spiritual exploration. The nurturing energies of Cancer make it the perfect time to dive deep into the realms of your inner world.

The Sun has cast a spotlight on the sector of your chart associated with self-discovery and spirituality. So, explore the depths of your soul and expand your consciousness; the planetary alignments during this time encourage practices that promote inner healing and spiritual growth.

The New Moon in Cancer on July 17 acts like a celestial portal to self-improvement. Let go of old patterns and embrace your truest, most authentic self. Take this time to reflect on your beliefs, engage in self-reflection, and embark on a spiritual journey that aligns with your purpose.

July strain: Sagittarius can easily embark on a self-care journey with Super Silver Haze, a sativa-dominant strain known for its energizing and mood-lifting effects. This strain, a High Times Cup winner many times over, inspires creativity and introspection, aligning perfectly with your desires for personal growth and adventure.

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Howdy, Capricorn! As Cancer season takes over the celestial realm, July brings a focus on your social connections, community involvement, and aspirations for the future. Expect to work on your friendships, professional networks, and long-term goals. Let the nurturing energies of Cancer drive you through the realms of collaboration and personal growth.

Friendships and group dynamics are the focus this month, so prioritize fostering meaningful connections and engaging with like-minded individuals. The planets encourage exploring new possibilities, expanding your social circle, and actively participating in community initiatives. 

July 17 brings a New Moon in Cancer, and with it new intentions related to future aspirations and social connections. Reflect on your long-term goals and align your actions with your authentic self. Embrace collaboration and networking opportunities, Capricorn, as they may pave the way for future success and fulfillment.

July strain: Capricorn, elevate your routine this July with Red Congolese, the strain that inspires focus, productivity, and introspection. Let this landrace strain ignite your creativity and sharpen your mental clarity, providing a clear pathway to self-discovery. Experience a harmonious blend of relaxation and motivation as you nurture your ambitions and prioritize your well-being.

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Salutations, Aquarius! July means Cancer season takes the cosmic stage, making it all about your career, ambitions, and public image. Get ready for some exciting opportunities in your professional path and sense of purpose. The nurturing energies of Cancer will soothe you while navigating the realms of achievement and self-expression.

The Sun shines on your career and public recognition—time to step into the spotlight and showcase your unique talents and ideas. Planetary alignments will amp up your visionary nature, urging you to think outside the box and fully embrace your individuality. 

The New Moon in Cancer on July 17 is a cosmic catalyst for setting intentions related to your career and public image. Take this auspicious time to reflect on your goals, redefine your path, and seek new opportunities for growth and advancement. As an Aquarius, you’re a natural trailblazer and advocate for change, so let your unique perspective revolutionize your field.

July strain: Aquarius, prepare for an extraordinary self-care experience this July with ATF, the strain that sparks your imagination and sets your creativity free. Embrace the energizing effects of this legendary strain as it uplifts your spirits and fuels your passion for self-expression. And it just might make you shout the expletive it’s named for. 

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As Cancer season blankets the skies, Pisces, July brings profound focus to your spiritual journey and higher learning. The planets this month will shape your beliefs, personal growth, and connection to the divine. Embrace Cancer’s compassionate vibes as you explore the depths of your soul and expand your spiritual awareness.

With the Sun illuminating the sector of your chart associated with higher knowledge and spirituality, you are called to embark on a quest for wisdom and enlightenment. Time to explore spiritual practices, engage in self-reflection, and seek profound connections with the mystical realms. 

The July 17 New Moon will jumpstart new intentions, so use this sacred time to reflect on your beliefs, release limiting behaviors, and embrace a broader perspective. Your role as a spiritual seeker will guide you towards profound insights and inner awakening throughout July. Trust in the cosmic forces, Pisces, as they align to bring you closer to divine wisdom.

July strain: Dive into a realm of tranquility this July with Northern Lights #5, a beloved and award-winning strain that invites you to explore your inner depths and connect with your intuition. Let this pheno of Northern Lights guide you into a state of deep relaxation, melting away stress and fostering a sense of inner peace that sets the perfect stage for spiritual contemplation.

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Hey there, Aries! Get ready for a month of self-reflection and emotional growth as the radiant sun blazes through Cancer. Time to reconnect with your inner self and find comfort in the embrace of home and loved ones. The New Moon in Cancer on July 17 will shake things up, pushing you to explore the depths of your psyche’s intuitive powers. Prepare to uncover hidden truths and tap into your emotional intelligence like never before.

July is calling you, Aries, so embrace Cancer season; trust your emotions and intuition, and let the New Moon guide you towards personal transformation. Mars, your ruling planet, will be entering practical and detail-oriented Virgo on July 10. This means you’ll be all about refining your daily routines, work processes, and overall well-being. Remember not to be too hard on yourself or others during this time. 

Let the cosmic vibes guide you towards a month of emotional growth, self-improvement, and harmonious connections.

July strain: Embrace the power of self this July with Harlequin, the ultimate strain to achieve balance and rejuvenation. With its high CBD content and gentle euphoria, Harlequin offers a soothing escape from the daily hustle, easing both physical and mental tension. Take a moment to indulge in this tranquilizing strain. Its therapeutic properties ignite your inner fire, restoring your energy and empowering you to conquer any challenge that comes your way.

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As July unfolds, Taurus, get ready to embrace the soothing energies of Cancer season. This month brings a series of significant planetary shifts that will impact your journey towards self-discovery and personal growth. Venus, your ruling planet, glides through the mystical waters of Cancer to draw you to deeper emotional connections and a desire to nurture your innermost desires.

The alignment of the planets signals a time of introspection and reflection for you, Taurus. The New Moon in Cancer on July 17 pushes you to shed old patterns and forge a path to explore the healing potential of cannabis, enhancing your spiritual journey and promote relaxation during this transformative time.

July strain: Time to indulge in some timely inner work this July, Taurus, and Pink Kush makes excellent company for this blissful journey. This exquisite and well-loved strain, with its alluring aroma and calming effects, offers a luxurious escape from the demands of everyday life. Allow Pink Kush to pamper your senses, soothing both your body and mind, and embracing you in a state of deep relaxation, ensuring you feel grounded and rejuvenated for the adventures that lie ahead.

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Hey there, Gemini! Get ready for a dynamic and enlightening July. As the Sun moves through Cancer, it’s all about communication, learning, and curiosity for you. Soak up the season’s nurturing vibes and brace for a big impact on your intellectual pursuits and connections with others. Time to expand your horizons and express yourself fully.

Your ruling planet, Mercury, takes the spotlight this month. It jumps into Cancer early, sparking your interest in holistic healing, cannabis culture, and alternative therapies. Your knack for absorbing information and sharing your ideas with compassion and sensitivity will surge, making it a perfect time to engage in conversations that expand your understanding.

That New Moon in Cancer on July 17 sets up your chance to set intentions that involve broadening your horizons and seeking new perspectives. Embrace that adventurous energy, Gemini, and let the cosmic forces guide you toward exciting intellectual pursuits and mind-expanding experiences throughout July.

July strain: Unlock the power of balance and self-care this July with Cannatonic, the perfect strain to fuel your curious mind and nurture your emotional state. Known for its high CBD content and beloved among medical patients and recreational users alike, Cannatonic offers a gentle and clear-headed experience, promoting relaxation without sacrificing mental clarity. 

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