The 6 best strains for Virgo season


Whether you’re astrologically dialed in or not, when Virgo season arrives, so does the subtle urge to re-organize your stash box, scrub out all your glass, and finally toss out those empty doob-tubes and pop-top plastics littering your stone zone. Such is the energy that this mutable earth sign delivers.

Virgo season runs from August 22 to September 22 and heralds both summer’s final stretch and the onset of fall. That warm-to-cool crossover is an apt metaphor for the dichotomy of this astrological sign — the Virgo signifies both stoic rigidity and maternal warmth. It’s a strong back-to-school energy that may not be universally loved but is frankly valuable all year-round.

For all cannaisseurs, not only those who are astrologically inclined, Virgo season can be the perfect time to explore those complex, magnetic, and virtuous qualities afforded to Virgos, from organized usefulness and expressive introversion to galaxy-brain problem-solving. If you can get your hands on the right cultivar, of course.

Take advantage of Virgo season by passing both joints and well-intentioned judgments with one of these notable strains that, in their own way, embody the best of the celestial virgin known as Virgo.

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818 OG

For those looking to cushion the stiff, type-A vibes of Virgo season without sacrificing focus, 818 OG might be worth a sesh.

818 OG is a San Fernando Valley-bred descendant of OG Kush. Its potent indica genetics reportedly deliver a spacey, euphoric relaxation without sedating its consumers. The cannabinoid percentage typically hovers around 20%, so consider this phenotype perfect for medium to higher tolerances. 818 OG has also been reported to potentially help soothe mild pain, depression, and inflammation.

Expect a woody, medicinal aroma and a piney, almost sweet-citrus exhale.

Big Skunk Korean

Another dense hybrid with strong indica genetics is Big Skunk Korean, a cross of Big Bud, Skunk #1, and Korean strains. This hybrid reportedly delivers creative tranquility that’s equal parts heavy stone and butterfly-weightlessness.

Consumers describe a long-lasting high that eventually collapses into a classic couch-lock, heavy-munch scenario. So, whether you need to encourage your inner Virgo towards introspection and organization or quiet your inner Virgo with nachos and a snuggie, Big Skunk Korean is essential for the Virgo season stash box.

Expect a super pungent, skunky nose and a woody-sweet exhale reminiscent of hash.

Durban Haze

Cash in on the get-stuff-done energy of Virgo season with Durban Haze, a cultivar bred from two heavy-hitting landrace strains: Durban Poison and Haze.

This bright, energetic hybrid delivers the same effervescence, clarity, and mood-lifting effects of its parent stains, though reportedly with a softer, less abrasive edge. If focused creativity is what Virgo season demands of you, consider Durban Haze as another stash box essential of the season.

Expect a spicy-sour perfume with notes of wet forest floor and spring flowers and a complex exhale.

Mendo Kush

Mendo Kush is a mostly balanced hybrid bred from a cross of Mendocino Purps and Purple Kush and named for the Emerald Triangle region where it was first conceived.

This cultivar is reportedly a stellar representation of a well-bred Kush strain with a euphoric head high that’s clear and bright and an ultra-soft physical relaxation. Mendo Kush is particularly perfect for Virgo season because of its reputation for quieting racing thoughts and extinguishing the more harried of those yearly back-to-school vibes.

Expect a sweet, skunky aroma and a lemony, pine-skunk exhale.

Chrome Cake

Virgos may have a reputation for being tightly wound perfectionists, but their season can be a serious celebration, especially with a cultivar bred for euphoric calm and cashmere bliss.

Chrome Cake is bred from a cross of Pre-98 Bubba Kush, OG Kush Breath, Cookies, and a fourth mystery strain. Consumers report effects that are mollifying and mood-lifting at once, potentially resulting in a sleepy euphoria that is the precise foil to being a tightly wound perfectionist.

Expect a woody perfume with notes of honeysuckle and funky fruit and a lemon-sweet cake batter and basil exhale.

Lemon Cheese

Virgo energy is smart, cunning, and quick to untangle everyday messes. And that’s a universally beneficial energy. Cannathusiasts can tap into that vibe via the potent sativa-forward genetics of Lemon Cheese.

Bred from Super Lemon Haze and Exodus Cheese, Lemon Cheese is a hybrid that reportedly delivers a congenial, cerebral, creative high that is both potent and long-lasting. Consumers also report this strain’s efficacy in helping quell fatigue and mood swings.

Expect the stink of sour lemon, ripe cheese, and spicy grass to linger in your nostrils and the back of your throat.

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