What Health Conditions Can Medical Marijuana Treat?

medical marijuana


Over the last few decades, the use of marijuana has increased manifold due to its therapeutic properties and overall cultural appeal.

People of all different ages started using the herbal substance for a number of medical conditions, such as chronic pain, anxiety, fibromyalgia, cancer, and more!

This popularization persuaded U.S. states to finally acknowledge the medicinal benefits of cannabis and legalize its medical use. That being said, medical cannabis is still banned in a few states.

With the rise of medical marijuana across different regions, people started ditching pharmaceuticals and increasing the use of marijuana to get quick and effective relief.

In this article, we will be discussing different health conditions that medical marijuana can help with. But before we jump on that, it’s important to know how one gets medical marijuana products.

How to Get Medical Marijuana?

Firstly, understand that not everyone can use medical cannabis. Medical marijuana products are especially for those people who have severe health issues, and they’re not getting relief from conventional medications. Your condition must fall under the qualifying list of medical conditions for medical marijuana to seek cannabis treatment.

For this, you need to consult a medical marijuana doctor who will first analyze your health and see whether you need marijuana or not. To find an experienced doctor, you can perform a random google search like ‘medical marijuana doctor near me’ to get some good recommendations.

If the doctor thinks that you are eligible for medical cannabis treatment, they will give you a recommendation letter that will justify that you have a doctor’s approval to use medical marijuana. You can then show this letter to the budtender at a dispensary, and they will give you cannabis products.

Medical Conditions Medical Marijuana Can Treat

  • Chronic Pain: Chronic pain is cited as, by far, the most effective medical benefit of cannabis. People suffering from different types of pain, including arthritis and back pain, use CBD or cannabidiol (a compound found in cannabis) to get quick relief.
  • Mental Health Disorders: Several studies have shown that marijuana is a potential treatment for mental health conditions, such as anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and neurodevelopmental disorders.
  • Multiple Sclerosis: Did you know nearly one million Americans live with muscle spasms and pain from multiple sclerosis? Out of them, 66% of people use medical marijuana to seek relief. People prefer using cannabis products, such as edibles, CBD oil & tinctures, and topical creams for this condition.
  • Epilepsy: Epilepsy patients report a reduction in frequent seizure activity after taking cannabis strains rich in CBD. In fact, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved only one cannabis-infused medication named ‘Epidiolex’ for people with two rare forms of epilepsy, Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, and Dravet syndrome.
  • Cancer: A number of studies have shown that taking cannabis can treat nausea and vomiting linked with cancer chemotherapy. It has been reported that patients find more effective relief in cannabis products than using conventional medications.

Final Thoughts

Millions of people across the U.S. use medical marijuana for an assortment of medical conditions. While people believe it to be a magical drug for their several health concerns, the scientific community still believes that a lot of research is needed to study the long-term effects of marijuana on people’s health.

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