Working from Home & Cannabis: Tips (and rules to follow!) to Stay on Track

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When the pandemic first hit, businesses across the US and Canada had to adopt remote work to stay up and running. A year later, as a vaccine is around, work-from-home has become a long-term arrangement for many US and Canadian employers.

But even as they develop trust in the remote setup, things remain challenging for employees. Most struggle on the productivity front, while dealing with complex tools is another concern. Isolation is another challenge that comes with WFH.

Thankfully, you can rely on cannabis to stay sane amid the stress. But there are some rules you need to follow while mixing weed with WFH.

Here are the ones that will keep you on track…

Start the day with a workout

Even as you need not jump out of the bed and hit the gym before going to work, exercise should not take a backseat. Physical fitness strengthens your immune system and bolsters mental well-being, which is vital in the pandemic era. Start your day with a solid workout and stick to the schedule every day. You can brew a cup of cannabis coffee or tea for the extra kick but opt for non-THC strains.

Pick the right products

As you work from home, you will want to reach the top levels of productivity. The choice of the right products makes all the difference. You will not want to get high right in the middle of a jam-packed workday, so steering clear of high-THC products is the safest thing to do. CBD products make an ideal choice as they keep you energized, promote relaxation, and enhance focus.

Stock up on supplies

When you take weed regularly at home, it is best to stock up on supplies so that you need not skimp work to replenish your stash. Fortunately, the legal status of weed in Canada means you have plenty of options to buy it. Visit the best weed dispensary winnipeg and pick the products of your choice. Ensure that you follow the legal limits for the quantity you can legitimately buy or possess in Manitoba.

Schedule your sessions

Even as you have the freedom to smoke or consume an edible whenever you want, it is best to follow a schedule. You cannot do it in the middle of a team meeting or a client call. Consider winding up all the critical tasks for the day and then relax with a puff or your favorite candy. Following a schedule will also help you manage your intake.

Don’t go overboard

Like any other session, you need to be careful with your dosage when consuming cannabis while working from home. Staying away from THC strains during the day will have you covered, while you must take care not to go overboard even if you consume them in the evenings. You will not want to wake up with a hangover with an important project around. Know your tolerance level and dose accordingly.

The Bottom Line

Weed can make an excellent wellness aid for coping with work from home stress, but you need to use it wisely. Focus on utilizing its benefits rather than looking for a high, and you are good to go.

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