Leafly’s top cannabis strains deserve glass that does them justice


Top glass picks from Hemper that make Leafly’s best strains of all time proud.

Refreshing your weed rotation? If you’re searching for the stickiest, dankest bud around, you’re going to want to smoke it out of something that matches that energy. You could smash all those frosty trichomes into a rolled joint… but we prefer ours on blast in some beautiful glass.

Our editors recently updated Leafly’s list of the 100 best cannabis strains of all time, a star-studded roundup of the most legendary, loved strains you need to try. What better time is there to break out the weed journal and take a little trip to stock up and tour some absolute classics?

To prime your adventures in strain exploration, we’ve pulled some choice favorites for you here from the complete list. But excellent weed is only one part of the equation. You’ve gotta smoke it out of something, after all! And true seekers of dankness know that delivery method counts when it comes to getting the best experience out of the best bud.

Hemper knows a little something about crafting glass that’ll make a cannaseur proud. The brand offers a variety of formats that nail the functionality you need while giving you a beautiful piece of glass art fit for proud & prominent display. Designed in-house with rigorous research and creative vision, Hemper’s curated collection of bongs and pipes stands up to our curated collection of can’t-miss strains.

Read on to see our favorite glass from Hemper paired with strain matches made in stoner heaven.

Granddaddy Purple and the Beast Bong

What better way to honor the king of indicas than with a bong fit for a king? With a sleek design and large 12” or 18” format, Hemper’s Beast Bong is the perfect match for a heavy-hitting indica like Granddaddy Purple. The classic beaker base water pipe features a large water reservoir, long neck, and clear glass, making it the perfect piece to showcase a stoner-beloved strain. When you pair Granddaddy Purple with the Beast Bong, you’ll be able to take in the strain’s complex flavor while maximizing potency in big hits. It’s nothing short of a king-sized experience.

Wedding Cake and the Goody Glass Cupcake Bubbler

In the mood for something sweet? Wedding Cake and the Goody Glass Cupcake Bubbler will satisfy your cravings. Perfect for hanging with friends, Wedding Cake is a notoriously rich strain with sweet and tangy notes that delivers a deeply relaxing high. Designed to look like a cupcake, the Goody Glass Cupcake Bubbler is the perfect companion for such an indulgent strain. Sweet enough to eat, the Goody Glass Cupcake Bubbler is uber-cute with a showerhead percolator “cake” and a bowl that is, quite literally, the cherry on top. Its adorable aesthetic and compact size make it the perfect bubbler to pass around with friends (or keep as your own sweet treat).

Haze and the ‘70s XL Bong

Want to feel groovy, baby? Pair one of the most classic strains of the ‘60s & ‘70s, Haze, with the Hemper ‘70s XL Bong. Known for its ability to elicit high energy and creative effects, Haze dazzles when smoked out of Hemper’s ‘70s XL Bong, an unmistakable piece designed to look like a classic lava lamp. Featuring a double percolator for extra filtration, smoke flows in and around the teal mounds of lava to create mesmerizing visuals and pack a powerful punch. Haze and the ‘70s XL Bong is the perfect pairing for your next creative sesh and makes for a fun nod to cannabis history. 

Cherry Pie and the Sandblasted Taster Pipe

Excited to finally be able to hear live music again? Whether you’re off to a concert in the park or a weekend festival, don’t forget to pack the essentials! The Hemper Sandblasted Logo Taster Pipe is the perfect on-the-go piece to deliver the long-lasting, cherry-sweet high of Cherry Pie. At a mere 3.5” inches long, the Sandblasted Logo Taster Pipe is perfectly portable and delivers small, powerful hits no matter where you’re off to. The smooth glass in a rich, swirling red hue is a subtle nod to Cherry Pie’s sweet flavor and lasting effects.

Pink Kush and the Pink Beaker Bong

Pink isn’t just a color: It’s a state of mind. Get on the right wavelength when you pair Pink Kush and Hemper’s Pink Beaker Bong. A classic beaker style with a bit of flair, Hemper’s Pink Beaker Bong features smokey, millennial pink glass and a gold “H” stamp, evoking the same cool and relaxing vibes elicited by Pink Kush. With a straight-slitted downstem percolator and a wide water base, each hit from this bong will send big, clean notes of Pink Kush’s candy-laced profile through every time.

Northern Lights and the Triple Bowl Hand Pipe

You may not have seen the northern lights, but you’ve probably tried Northern Lights. One of the most legendary strains out there, Northern Lights is great for chilling out and letting euphoric bliss take over. With Hemper’s Triple Bowl Hand Pipe, you can take full advantage of Northern Lights’ effects. With a sparkling blue glass that evokes the beauty of the night sky, the Triple Bowl Hand Pipe features three flower bowls on a classic spoon pipe design, packing a big punch in a compact piece.

Find these standout pieces of Hemper glass and way more goodness to serve all your smoking needs at hemper.co.

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