Best Natural Substances to Improve Your Workout

natural substances


If you’re looking for the elusive substance to enhance your workout then the best course of action is to seek it from nature. Artificial options are generally unfavorable and bad for the heart. They might give you temporary gains for long-term consequences. However, these natural substances will help stimulate recovery and give you safe benefits!

1. Cannabis

Cannabis is highly sought after for its medicinal benefits and most notably CBD is utilized for recovery during intensive training routines.

Theory Wellness is an example of a Massachusetts dispensary that takes pride in its capacity to help others push through the pain and recover better after workouts in a natural way.

Small batches are produced here with an emphasis on genetics so patients and recreational users alike can choose the best strain to address their workout program.

This dispensary is dedicated to expounding upon the science of cannabis and the positive impact it has on the lives of those they serve.

You can benefit tremendously from cannabis as a workout enhancer and as a natural recovery booster that will help to relax the muscles without taking any addictive or artificial substances.

Some companies will combine high doses of CBD derived from cannabis in their workout recovery powders because of the perfect relaxation effects it induces.

Many have reported that cannabis is highly effective in treating the most severe back and neck pains and it works well with a good sleep to help you tackle consecutive intensive training days!

Cannabis has been known to reduce stress in the body caused by exercise and it’s a great addition to any recovery program!

2. Caffeine

Another beloved natural substance that is perhaps the most widely used drug in the world is Caffeine which is found in abundance among training circles around the world.

The factor you have to look out for here is dosage because what is a wonderful natural workout booster can quickly become counterproductive and dangerous in higher doses.

Some other substances to consider besides this are listed here in more thorough detail for you to explore. Anything that is natural is worth exploring if you’re engaged in a consistent exercise routine.

Caffeine has been shown to be an excellent performance enhancer and works on the central nervous system in a profoundly positive way that increases thermogenesis in the body.

Caffeine will help you burn calories by giving you energy and also stimulating the body overall to push through the pain. It will help you to burn more fat and train for longer periods of time without growing weary.

In addition, it will also help you suppress your appetite which is the main cause of excessive binging and eventual weight gain.

3. Capsaicin

This is a rather unorthodox substance to use but it’s an excellent fat burner. If you don’t believe it, then try eating a couple of jalapenos or habaneros before you hit the gym and you’ll notice you’re sweating a lot more than ever before.

These are available in capsule form so you won’t have to worry about experiencing an intense burn before you workout each time.

It is a natural substance that is often used to treat inflammation and it burns away fat in the body. It encourages your body to release fat from its storehouse and it increases the norepinephrine in the brain which increases energy similar to the way adrenaline does.

50-90 thousand Scoville units are the range you want to be at to stimulate the increased fat burn and it’s perfect before or after workouts.

Studies have shown that they can also be excellent digestive aids which is why it is suggested they be taken before meals.


All of these natural substances are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to increasing the efficiency of your daily exercise routine. There are products on the market that utilize them in conjunction with others to enhance the overall effect. You might find products that combine the relaxing effects of cannabis or CBD by itself with the intensely rewarding stimulation of caffeine for an incredible experience overall!

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