Election 2020: Cannabis legalization results and live coverage


Legalization 2020: Welcome to Leafly’s live coverage

Here we are: Election Day. Welcome, friends.

Leafly’s news team will provide 12+ hours of rolling updates, vote totals, quotes, memes, tweets, posts, and random entertaining bits to keep your anxiety at bay and your chill level cool.

Sick of CNN, Fox, ABC, and MSNBC? Bookmark Leafly’s election page and return often. No matter what your political persuasion, we’ll provide good news and glad tidings. Legalization is marching on! Hang with us and watch it grow.

Updated Nov. 3 voting results

Each measure needs 50.01% to win. Results are updated as soon as state officials release more totals.

Arizona: Adult Use APPROVE (Prop. 207)
Mississippi: Real Medical Use APPROVE (I-65)
Mississippi: Fake Medical Use APPROVE (I-65A)
Montana: Adult Use APPROVE (I-190)
Montana: Adult Use APPROVE (CI-118)
New Jersey: Adult Use APPROVE (Question 1)
Oregon: Measure 109 (psilocybin) APPROVE
Oregon: Measure 110 (drug decrim) APPROVE
South Dakota: Medical Use APPROVE (IM-26)
South Dakota: Adult Use APPROVE (CA-A)

Facts about ballot counting

You’re going to hear a lot about ballot counting this week. Here are some facts, courtesy of the National Conference of State Legislatures, which is a nonpartisan organization.

  • Every state continues to count ballots after Election Day. That is totally normal, it happens in every single election. It takes time to count them all.
  • No state certifies a winner, in any race, on Election Night.
  • Counting all the votes is not tantamount to stealing the election. Counting all the votes is the election.
  • Ballots can arrive after Election Day in 18 states, according to laws in those states.
  • Military ballots can be received after Election Day in 29 states, according to laws in those states.
  • Election results are certified at the state and local level.
  • The president and U.S. attorney general have no control over how votes are counted.
  • Any candidate or measure advocate may claim victory at any time—it’s a free country—but a victory claim or a concession speech mean nothing. It’s the actual state-certified votes that count.

Certifying the results: How long it could take

Each state sets its own rules for how long the counting process can take.

This map, created by the National Conference of State Legislatures, shows how long local election officials have to certify results.

How long local officials have to certify election results

In case you haven’t registered…

A bag of weed is all you need…to chill the fuck out right now

These are the strains you need this week

Michael Pollan is psyched for Oregon’s legalization vote

The national bestselling author, whose book How To Change Your Mind helped boost the use of medical psilocybin into the national conversation, is watching the vote on Oregon’s Measure 109 closely:

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