It takes a village to start a home cannabis grow


Homegrown Cannabis Company doesn’t just provide resources—it cultivates community.

So you’ve decided to grow cannabis. Congratulations on your new adventure! Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just looking to save some money on bud, it’s rewarding and deepens your relationship with the plant.

But unlike a less controversial crop—say, squash—it’s hard to just pop down to the local nursery or join an in-person gardening group. The best way to learn is by doing, but it gets a little trickier when you can’t just pop by a neighbor’s house and ask if they have any experience battling powdery mildew in a bushy indica plant. The best course of action is joining a cannabis-specific community.

Homegrown Cannabis Co. has everything a homegrower needs to get started: Not just seeds and starter kits, but detailed resources for different strains and life stages of your plants. Most importantly, it comes with a support network of friendly homegrowers to trade tips, tricks, and accolades with on the community forum. There’s no one stop cannabis grow shop more comprehensive than Homegrown.

Live access to Kyle Kushman wisdom

Kyle Kushman is renowned for his groundbreaking organic cannabis farming methods, developed over years of nurturing cannabis crops and reporting on cultivation.

His downloadable Crash Course in Cannabis Cultivation is free on Homegrown and helps newbies walk through all the first steps—like setting up your equipment and selecting seeds. He also shares deep intel on Homegrown’s strains with brief, informative profiles with the must-knows for each one. There’s really no better teacher to help you launch your adventures in growing.

The Growing Live community forum on Homegrown gives you direct access to Kushman so you can benefit from his know-how for your specific situation. It’s a regular hour-long live stream, and it answers questions posted in the forum in advance. On one recent episode, he shared intel on cloning clones, growing bag size, and spider mites.

Getting started

The first step on your growing journey is to buy some seeds. Kushman, as always, has you covered—here are a few strains he recommends for beginners.

Sour Cookies Feminized packs a euphoric buzz with creativity and mood boosting powers. Made from a cross of GSC x Sour Diesel, Sour Cookies takes its legendary genetics to the bank for a potent combination of therapeutic relaxation and energizing effects. Keep these seeds comfortable indoors at a temperature of around 70 to 79℉ and expect a nice yield for your efforts.

Lowryder Autoflower is known as the first true autoflowering cannabis. But that’s not the only reason you should give this well-loved cultivar a try: The citrusy bud offers a potent but clear-headed high and is a dream to grow for beginners. Lowryder is a hardy plant that doesn’t rely on light cycles to flower and can thrive almost anywhere—you really can’t go wrong.

Red Bruce Feminized boasts some pretty outstanding genetics, so it’s no surprise that this frosty bud is a grower favorite. A cross of Bruce Banner x White Russian, Red Bruce is big on fragrance and delivers a quick-hitting, long-lasting head and body high. Play your cards right while growing and you could be looking at a yield of 1.31 to 1.96 ounces per square foot after eight to ten weeks of flowering.

Sweet Tooth Autoflower is a three-year, back-to-back Cannabis Cup winner, so it’s safe to say you should consider adding this champ to your grow. You’ll need to give it some attention: While Sweet Tooth is relatively simply to cultivate, its rapid growth rate makes it less tolerant of mistakes. Show it some love, though, and you’ll be rewarded with exceptional flavor & fragrance and a cerebral high that can melt away stress and enliven your senses.

Sharing with other beginner growers

The best place to get started growing your support network is Homegrown’s beginner forum, full of cultivators going through the same growing pains as you and nonjudgmental experts that love dishing out advice.

Recent quandaries include identifying a male or female plant, whether to use fabric pots or plastic buckets, or what to do with leaf trimmings. Then there’s the most relatable question of all: “What’s going on?”

These cannabis-grow newbies are also eager to show off their first crops with other people on the same journey—and other people just starting out know what a big deal that first harvest is.

Homegrown Diaries

Want to share your progress with a supportive community—or see how your crop’s doing compared to similar ones? Homegrown Diaries help you track your progress, share photos, and get encouragement from fellow growers.

When you have your first brag-worthy harvest, the whole community will celebrate with you.

Troubleshooting indoor and outdoor grows

Growing cannabis inside and outside are completely different animals, each with their own specific benefits and drawbacks. Not all the wisdom is going to be the same when troubleshooting a grow or showing off your setup, and even answers to identical questions can be different for either. This is why Homegrown has a forum for each.

Right now, indoor growers are discussing light upgrades and timing, dehumidifiers, using mirrors, and how to bring an outdoor grow inside—along with posting their progress so others in the group can see how they’re coming along.

The outdoor growers are discussing all kinds of issues unique to their growing environment, like animal deterrents, greenhouse models, and caterpillars.

Hydroponics and aquaponics

Both hydroponics and aquaponics are incredibly efficient, high-control ways to grow cannabis—and people who use them are way into them. Hydroponics nerds can talk about nutrient formulas, deep water culture, and osmosis to their hearts’ content over on their specific forum. The even bigger nerds in the Aquaponics forum—kind of like hydroponics, but with fish—are talking about turtles.

All that’s left to do is jump in! Join the Homegrown community and you’ll never be growing alone.

Be sure to check out your local laws and regulations on cannabis homegrowing before you start your adventures in cultivation.

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