Five Actionable Tips To Speed Up Indoor Cannabis Growth

indoor cannabis grow


Growing your own cannabis is a good idea for many reasons, especially when it comes to saving you from making trips to the dispensary! A little hard work and basic gardening skills enable you to save a lot of money too.

Moreover, you know what you get rather than relying on the retailer’s word about cultivation practices. But when you grow cannabis indoors, you will want to learn ways to get the best yield fast. An average growth cycle can last between three to four months, and it may seem too long for newbies.

Fortunately, there are ways you can speed up growth and harvest early, regardless of the conditions and your skills and experience.

Here are some actionable tips you can rely on…

1. Pick auto-flowering variants

If you want your cannabis to thrive quickly, choose an auto-flowering variant because it matures faster than photoperiod strains. Auto-flowering cannabis is genetically capable of developing flowers and seeds quickly. Most of them will start to flower only two weeks after germination. You can harvest them in about seven weeks, which is pretty quick. As long as you give good care to the crop, you will have your stash ready sooner than you expect.

2. Grow from clones

Growing clones is another surefire idea to accelerate the growing process. When you plant a cutting, it works as a mature seedling that quickly enters the vegetative stage. New roots grow much faster than with seeds. It is because seeds take their time to germinate to reach the seedling phase. It is like bypassing an entire stage of growth, so you end up with a consistent yield as well. Choosing clones of auto-flowering strains sets you up for a thriving garden within weeks.

3. Follow the right light schedules

Seasoned growers recommend the significance of the right light schedules for speeding up the growth of indoor cannabis. Before understanding the concept of lighting, you need to know all about the weed plant stages in detail. Typically, the growth stages include germination, seedling, vegetative, and flowering phases. Lighting plays a crucial role during the vegetative and flowering stages. It is advisable to provide sufficient light during the vegetative stage and lower the amount each day during the flowering stage to boost growth.

4. Proper nutrition makes a difference

Going slack with nutrition can stretch the harvest time of your cannabis crop, as with any other plant. Avoid underfeeding, overfeeding, and feeding the wrong nutrients because they can retard the growth of the plants. Use nutrients designed for cannabis and follow all instructions and directions.  Your plant will require more nitrogen during the vegetation stage and more potassium and phosphorus while flowering. Time the nutrients right to see the best results.

5. Keep an eye on your plants

Any gardening enthusiast will always keep an eye on their crop during all stages of growth. Check your indoor cannabis often to measure its progress and identify problems such as pest infestation and nutrient deficiencies. Avoiding heat stress and light stress is also crucial. Act fast to address these problems, and nothing can stop the plants from growing at an optimal pace.

The Takeaway

Growing cannabis indoors requires time and effort, but they are worthwhile. The best thing is that you can have a thriving yield and quick harvest by following these simple steps.

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