Star signs and cannabis strains: July 2021 horoscopes


Happy Cancer Season, Stargazers! The sun is (hopefully) shining where you are and the night skies are revealing some interesting things to come in the month of July. There’s a new moon in Cancer on July 10. On July 11, Mercury also enters Cancer. Are you sensing a theme here? That’s right, you’ll probably be feeling a broad spectrum of emotions at the beginning of the month.

On July 21, Venus enters Virgo. If an investment opportunity presents itself, don’t be afraid to give it a second serious consideration. On July 22, the Sun enters into Leo and thus begins the season of the Lion. On July 23, there is a full moon in Aquarius. And, finally, things round out with Mars entering into Virgo on July 29. The month ends on a highly organized note, which should leave you feeling like things are in perfect harmony. All in all, a mixed bag of a month, you gorgeous celestial beings!

There’s a lot of good to be had in July if you know where to look. And the difficult stuff? Don’t feel like you have to go it alone. Lean in and open up. People will be grateful for the opportunity to support you!

Your July Horoscope


Happy July and happy birthday, Crab! This is a strong month for you. Everyone will be feeling the water-sign energy this month, and communication (which you adore) will be at an all-time high.

On July 10, there is a new moon in your sign. On July 11, Mercury enters your sign. Take some time for yourself to discover (or rediscover) any projects you’ve been wanting to work on or are thinking about building. This is the time for that.

On July 22, Venus enters Virgo. If you’ve been cooped up at home, this is a great time to arrange a safe get-together with some friends. On July 27, Mercury enters Leo, bring with it lots of vibrancy and extra energy. Spend this wisely for the rest of the month and you should really come out on top.

July strain: If you’re craving something cerebral this month, try some Durban Poison. This is an uplifting strain with an earthy profile, and users report it’s a great bud to smoke before heading into the great outdoors.


Happy July, Leo! There are some interesting alignments this month that are likely to impact your emotional balance. On July 10, there is a new moon in Cancer. On July 11, Mercury also enters Cancer. Emotions will be high and virtually everyone in your inner circle will be highly aware of the vibes in the proverbial room. This could be a growth opportunity for you! Lean in and feel everything knowing that it is all transitory. Nothing stays for long!

On July 22, the Sun enters your sign and we begin Leo Season, a joyous and bright occasion. Not only should you feel more emotionally aligned again, you should also feel a surge of creative juice around this time. On July 28, Mercury also enters your sign. There will be plenty of opportunities to flex your artistic, bright mind. Enjoy your moment in the sun!  

July strain: Why not try something a little decadent this month? Lava Cake is a hybrid strain with a sweet and smooth profile. Users report this strain is great for loosening up and relieving the stress of everyday life.


Happy Summer, Virgo! This is a great month to be an Earth Sign. Cancer is ruling the roost this month, and with that comes some serious emotional waves. But you’re more than prepared to ride them. On July 10, there is a new moon in Cancer. Take everything your inner circle is saying to you with a grain of salt.

Your ruler, Mercury, is in direct motion all month, which should also lead to a sense of harmony (especially at work). On July 22, Venus enters your sign. This is the perfect time to send that flirty text to a crush. Mars enters your sign on July 29, making it a great time to budget and plan for a vacation or a purchase that will really enrich your day-to-day life. This is a great month to invest in yourself in all areas, Virgo.

July strain: If you’re looking for a mood-lifter this month, try something like Kush Mints. Kush Mints is a hybrid strain that provides uplifting effects and is perfect for a day spent outdoors. Users report it has a sweet (but not overwhelming) profile and is truly a euphoric strain.


Happy July, Libra! This will be an interesting month for air signs. Emotions are going to be all over the map for the next 30 days or so. Your clear communication skills will be in high demand. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself playing referee between your comrades. On July 10, there is a new moon in Cancer. On July 11, Mercury also enters Cancer. This period is going to be very raw for a lot of people in your inner circle. Don’t fear the emotional purge — almost everyone will come out the other side better for it.  

On July 21, your ruler Venus enters Virgo. You might get some uninvited criticism of your work. While it’s not always pleasant to be blindsided by your perceived shortcomings, if you approach everything this month with a cautious curiosity, you should gain much more than you lose.

July strain: While nothing will be clear this month, you can conjure up the feeling of a crystal blue lake by packing a bowl of Tahoe OG. This hybrid packs a punch. Tahoe OG has an earthy profile and citrus taste. Users report it’s an incredibly strong, potent strain. So, beginners beware!

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It’s July, Scorpio! Water Signs will be feeling it this month. Thank God you’re a life-long pro at navigating complex, emotional situations. On July 10, there is a new moon in fellow Water Sign, Cancer. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by nostalgia, make a scrapbooking project or do something else equally creative. Channel that energy into something you can appreciate later!

Your ruler, Mars, is in direct motion the whole month. Pluto (your second ruler), on the other hand, is in retrograde the whole month. There is a full moon in Aquarius on July 24 and Mars enters Virgo on July 29, resulting in a big mix of direct communication amongst your inner circle and dreamy, bigger-picture thoughts clogging up your mental space. Just keep creating. Don’t stop turning the big thoughts and feelings into something tangible. Keep looking forward and you can’t lose.

July strain: If you’re looking for a mental vacation this month, you’re likely to find it in Tropicana Cookies. Tropicana Cookies is a hybrid strain with citrus notes and a sweet scent profile. Users report it offers a nice cerebral high that isn’t overwhelming.


Happy July, Sag! The month kicks off with a new moon in Cancer on July 10, resulting in lots of big feelings and maybe a few serious talks on the horizon. It would be wise to approach everything this month with a careful curiosity. On July 24, there is a full moon in Aquarius. You might feel a little out of place in the group during this period.

Your ruler, Jupiter, is also in retrograde the entire month. It makes its backwards departure from Pisces on July 28 and returns to Aquarius. This is a great time to innovate. Give all your best ideas full consideration. On July 29, Mars enters Virgo. If you make financial investments, this is the perfect time to evaluate how you are spending your cash.

July strain: It’s a great month for something sweet. Gelato #41 is a hybrid strain with a potent amount of THC. This is the kind of bud perfect for a day of hazy relaxation and reflection. Users report that Gelato #41 is truly a heavy hitter. This strain is best for heavy smokers.

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Happy July, Cap! Summer really is in full swing now, and July is a great month to be a reliable Earth Sign. On July 10, there is a new moon in Cancer. Emotions will be absolutely flying. Good, bad, ugly: it will all be there! Listen to what your friends are telling you. People will be vulnerable with you and that’s a beautiful thing.

Your ruler, Saturn, will be in retrograde all of July. This is a month to honor your boundaries and only give of yourself that which you can afford to. Being a good friend doesn’t mean being a sounding board 24/7. On July 24, there is a full moon in Aquarius. Try to notice new things in your environment. It can be small – like the way the light hits your coffee mug in the morning. By choosing to relish in the little things, you’ll be more likely to appreciate and live in the bigger moments. Life is happening, Cap! And you are steering your own ship in uncharted waters this month.

July strain: Look, everyone needs to ghost once in a while. Turn off your phone and pack a bowl of Ghost Train Haze. This strain is a gorgeous flower. It has high doses of THC to help eradicate pain and low moods. But a bit of a warning: Patients with anxiety should reconsider smoking this strain. Users report it is very cerebral and can make certain users prone to paranoia.


It’s July, Aquarius! Summer fun is here and your sweet, free-spirited nature will help you navigate some big feelings this month. July 10 has a new moon in Cancer. On July 11, Mercury enters Cancer. For the first half of the month, everything might feel a little…raw. Don’t bury what you’re feeling (though, this isn’t usually a problem for an Aquarius). You are only responsible for what you are feeling, doing, and saying. Everything else is background noise this month.

Uranus (your ruler) is in direct motion this month. On July 24, there is a full moon in your sign. This is a take-charge period. Don’t let anyone take credit for the work you’re doing, and certainly don’t let anyone walk or talk over your friends. Be a champion for yourself and the people you love this month. There are a special few friends who will appreciate it more than you know, and they’ll never forget it.

July strain: Think tropical thoughts this month with the help of some Banana Kush. This hybrid strain is famous for its exceedingly sweet profile and balanced effects. Users report it is great for a light body buzz and cerebral, uplifting thoughts. In other words, it’s a great, balanced treat for this hectic month.

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Happy July, Pisces! This month is dedicated to Water Signs — you beautiful, authentic, emotional zodiac babes. On July 10, there is a new moon in Cancer. Be ready for any unprocessed emotions to come bubbling up to the surface. The best elixir for all of these feelings is to create. Make a mural, write some poetry, make foam art in your coffee. Anything!

Your ruler, Neptune, is in retrograde. If you’re feeling forgetful and flaky, you won’t be alone. On July 24, there is a full moon in Aquarius. On July 27, Mercury enters Leo. Both of these pairings lend to some serious take-charge energy. Own your projects and be proud of the work you’re doing! It’s worth celebrating.

July strain: If you’re going to treat yourself like royalty this month (and you should), you need to find a strain that fits like the perfect glass slipper. Cinderella 99 is a hybrid strain with a fruity profile and potent, cerebral effects. Users report it’s great for melting into a forgetful haze, so melt the cares of the world for a moment this month!


Rams, it’s July! Fireworks, barbecues, poolside chats. July has a little bit of everything for you. On the positive side, your ruler Mars is in direct motion the entire month. Your energy and your passion should be consistent.

Prioritizing should come easy, especially at the beginning of the month with the new moon in Cancer. Focus on yourself. Dive into your art and put the phone on mute (if it wasn’t already on mute). On July 11, Mercury enters Cancer. You might be a little bit more direct with your loved ones than you intend to be. Smooth these misunderstandings over with openness and a hefty dose of empathy.

People will be feeling everything all at once. On July 22, the Sun enters Leo and we begin the season of Lions. Aries don’t typically struggle to articulate how they’re feeling, and Leo season will bring out the self-advocate in you big time. Tapping into your humility will play out well for you this month.

July strain: You’re a rare breed and so is Runtz. Pack a bowl of this sweet hybrid, which is known for its fruity profile and has gained a ton of popularity in the last few years. Users report just a few puffs of this strain will send you to another planet. Maybe that’s not a bad thing this month.

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Happy July, Bulls! This month will definitely be full of fireworks for you. These fireworks will be kind of like the ones your neighbor fires off at 3 a.m. a week before the Fourth of July — a little bit jolting, but there’s some light and wonder in there, too.

On July 10, there is a new moon in Cancer. This is a highly emotional time. You might even be surprised at how quickly little things will affect you. Just ride the waves out. These emotional swells are quick to dissipate.  

Your ruler, Venus, is in direct motion the entire month. On July 22, Venus enters Virgo. This is a fun pairing. You’ll be feeling flirty and self-confident. It’s also the beginning of Leo season. Celebrate yourself, Taurus! It’s a month for luxurious baths and texting your friend-with-benefits some suggestive gifs.

July strain: No one understands the importance of brunch quite like a Taurus. Conjure up those brunch vibes with a bowl of Mimosa. Mimosa is a hybrid strain that produces euphoric, motivating effects that leave users feeling uplifted and creative. Users also report that this is a great choice for daytime smoking when you need to keep (some) of your wits about you.


Happy July, Gemini! This July is the perfect time to tap into your fun side. There’s a new moon in Cancer on July 10, so there will be lots of emotional volatility going around your friend group. If you need to tap out and focus on yourself, do it! People will be too caught up in their own drama to notice at the beginning of the month.

On July 11, Mercury (your ruler) enters Cancer. Again, just a lot of feelings going on out there in the world. You’ll be just fine, though, even if it is a little too sentimental for your tastes. You know how to make the best of an awkward situation.  

The full moon in Aquarius rounds the month out nicely. Listen to your gut. It’s been trying to tell you something about your current path. Don’t ignore it. Most importantly, though, don’t forget to have fun this month.

July strain: Northern Lights is marijuana royalty and almost needs no introduction. But the great thing about this strain is that it has the capability of keeping you loose and in your body. That’s a great thing to aim for this month. This strain has an extremely sweet scent profile and medical patients report that it’s great for symptoms of depression, stress, pain, and insomnia. Even if you’re not a patient, this is a great bud to have in your arsenal this July.

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